The 23 Best Fall Candles That'll Get You So Psyched For The Season Ahead

Mulled cider, vanilla bourbon, pumpkin spice — you really can't go wrong here.

Urban Outfitters/Etsy

Autumn is all about crunchy leaves, chunky sweaters, hot cider, freshly baked pies, cozy nights in by the fire, and of course, pumpkin spice everything. And when you think about it that way, it makes total sense that all the best scented candles are fall-inspired. It may seem a little soon, but if the muggy humidity of late summer is starting to get to you, it's time to bust out one of these babies.

Whether you prefer fruity scents, sugary scents, or spicy, musky scents (or even something different altogether!) there's a little something seasonal for everyone. Notes like vanilla bourbon, figs, pine, cinnamon sugar, cedar wood, pomegranate, and more can all add so much autumnal goodness to your home.

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Voluspa Baltic Amber Jar Candle
Anthropologie $28.00

Spice up your life with this amber jar candle, with forest-scented notes of sandalwood and cedar along with amber resin and vanilla orchid. 

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Greta ·Bourbon & Vanilla Soy Candle
Bijou $29.00

There's something so lovely about vanilla bourbon candles, especially when they're described as having notes of "cashmere sweaters, mini cupcakes," and, "the first day of fall."

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Paddywax Pomegranate & Spruce Jar Candle
Amazon $21.93

This candle has just about every fall scent you can think of (sans pumpkin) blended perfectly together — vanilla bean, pine, cinnamon, orange peel, and pomegranate —  a few other interesting notes like coconut milk and strawberries.

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Leaves Single Wick Jar Candle
Bath & Body Works $14.50

Made with essential oils, Bath & Body Works' Leaves jar candle will fill your home with the scent of crisp red apple, golden nectar, and warm clove spice.

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Hand-Poured Apple Cinnamon Soy Candle
Etsy $10.00

It wouldn't be a fall candle roundup without an option guaranteed to make your home smell like apple pie, and this hand-poured apple cinnamon soy candle will do just the trick.

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Bath & Body Works Praline Pecan 3-Wick Candle
Bath & Body Works $18.50

Warning: with scents like southern pecans, warm caramel, and sparkling cinnamon sugar, this candle might inspire you to bake a whole bunch of cookies.

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Southern Elegance Tobacco & Caramel Candle
Etsy $28.00

For something a little different but still totally reminiscent of fall, try this tobacco and caramel candle, which has notes of tobacco, spice, and creamy vanilla. 

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Shortie's Candle Company Pumpkin Souffle Candle
Amazon $16.50

Pumpkin lovers, rejoice — this pumpkin souffle candle has a cult following, probably due to its tasty notes of butter, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and fresh pumpkin.

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Illume Boulangerie Vanilla & Fig Jar Candle
Anthropologie $18.00

A little fig and vanilla (with hints of orchid!) is all you need to make your home feel extra autumnal and cozy, and this candle has you covered.

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ScentSimple Mulled Cider Soy Candle
Amazon $16.00

It's not fall until you break out the mulled cider, but even when you're not enjoying a piping hot mug of the stuff, you can still make your home smell like you are with this candle.

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Hot Cocoa & Cream 3-Wick Candle
Bath & Body Works $24.50

If your favorite thing about fall is cozying up on the couch with a giant mug of hot chocolate, this hot cocoa scented candle — with notes of milk chocolate, fresh steamed milk, and mini marshmallows — is just the thing you need.

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P.F. Candle Co. Amber & Moss Double Wick Candle
Urban Outfitters $32.00

For something a little more earthy this fall, try this amber and moss candle — it features notes of musk, lavender, sage, amber, and orange.

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Cashmere Plum 3-Wick Candle by Chesapeake Bay Candle
Target $7.48

This cashmere plum scented candle will make you want to put on your coziest sweater and get to baking a plum tart, and really, what more could you ask for?

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Cranberry & Nutgmeg Scented Candle
Crate&Barrel $19.95

For a candle that will get you into the holiday spirit, try this cranberry and nutmeg scented one with additional notes of clove, pomegranate, black currant, cedar wood, cinnamon, and more.

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Black Mission Fig Classic Soy Candle
Urban Outfitters $20.00

You can skip the figgy pudding, but you won't want to miss out on this figgy candle — it's a little bit fruity, a little bit musky, and so perfectly seasonal.

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White Barn Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Candle
Amazon $27.70

With a scent like maple syrup over golden waffles, sprinkled with pumpkin spice and brown sugar, this candle is almost good enough to eat.

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Lafco Library Sage & Walnut Candle
Bloomingdale's $65.00

Sure, this candle is a little pricey, but once you see your guests' reactions when they get a sniff of those notes of sage, walnut, and chestnut, you'll know it was worth it. 

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Woodwick Mini Fireside Candle
Amazon $14.29

Not only will this candle smell like you're sitting next to a camp fire, but when the wooden wick burns, it creates a soothing crackling sound, too.

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NEST Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle
Amazon $40.00

This pumpkin chai candle has all the classic fall fragrances rolled into one candle — wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon — creating an ambiance of pure comfort. 

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Paperwhite Candle
Pottery Barn $49.50

The hints of vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood make this candle relaxing, while the neroli and Italian orange give a sweetness perfect for any space. 

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Bath & Body Works Sweater Weather 3-Wick Candle
Amazon $21.48

With notes of fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus, and fresh woods, Sweater Weather is the ultimate in fall scents.

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Diptyque Baies Scented Candle
Nordstrom $35.00

Diptyque candles are a luxury for sure, so you might want to save this one — with its perfect mix of berries, roses, and blackcurrant leaves — for special occasions.

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Yankee Candle Sugared Pumpkin Swirl Jar Candle
Target $16.99

All you need is one whiff of Sugared Pumpkin Swirl, and you'll be transported to a pumpkin patch that's been covered in sugar — not to mention, craving pumpkin pie.

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