Le Creuset Just Released the Most Elegant Lavender Collection

New year, new hue!

le creuset lavendar
Sur La Table

While you may not be able to squeeze in a trip to Provence, France in the spring thanks to your busy schedule and expensive travel costs, you can infuse your kitchen with some style and pizazz inspired by those world famous lavender fields.

just announced the arrival of a brand new and beautiful lavender lineup from Le Creuset. The new assortment, which , is inspired by the gorgeous, lush fields of purple flowers you'll find in the south of France.

The exciting new launch comes just a few weeks after the release of their berry collection, which was only available in the U.K. Now everyone can pick up a new dutch oven, baking dish, and cast-iron skillet in this tranquil hue.

petite cocotte

Petite Cocotte, $20, SurLaTable.com

While much of the lineup may cost a pretty penny, the quality and beauty of each piece ensures each piece of cookware will be one you can pass down to future generations. And since you can use the versatile kitchenware to your heart desires, just one or two will serve all your kitchen needs.

Sur La Table

Round Wide Dutch Oven, 3.5 qt., $200, SurLaTable.com

Better make room on your kitchen shelves or counter because these beauties are too stunning to store out of sight!

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