This Is Either the World's Worst — or Best — Puzzle Ever

It's completely mind-boggling.

rainbow puzzle
Clemens Habicht and Lamington Drive

The next time you're looking for an activity to fill up a rainy Saturday, we've got just the solution for you. Though you might want to cancel your plans on Sunday, Monday and maybe even Tuesday, too, because this game is bound to be quite time consuming. Why? It's a 5,000-piece rainbow puzzle that includes every single color in the .

Say what? Let us break it down: Each tile in this represents a different hue, so when putting this puzzle together, the gamer has to line up shades that belong next to each other on the spectrum. Though this might sound easy for anyone who knows their colors, we promise 5,000 different shades laid out on a 79-by-28-inch surface will play crazy tricks on your eyes.

The movement of the colors doesn't make putting it together any easier either: "With adjacent tiles almost identical in color, this puzzle is designed with an original random ribbon pattern so that each piece is a distinctly different shape and can fit clearly in only one way," the creators told .

Watch these puzzle wizards put the pieces together in this video. It's quite mesmerizing, actually.

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