A Lot of People Had Fun Photoshopping the Queen's Green Birthday Suit

Her Majesty has always had great style, but these makeovers take it to the next level.

Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 this year — an occasion marked by with her grandchildren, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But she's not done celebrating yet: Her Majesty observed her 90th birthday during the traditional Trooping the Color ceremony while wearing a truly bold neon green outfit. Although the Queen has always had great style (seriously, you should see ), her outfit on this day drew even more attention than usual, mainly because of its incredible similarity to a green screen used in filmmaking.

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The internet noticed this and quickly jumped on it, with dozens of users Photoshopping the Queen's new neon look. Here are some of the most hysterical creations, some of the best commentary.

Queen: "One rather likes the chroma green outfit."
Philip: "Seems fine darling, what could possibly go wrong?"

— James (@jrawson)

Nice of the Queen to wear a green screen for her birthday celebration...

[email protected]šōπ ®odgër 🇨🇦🇩🇪 (@teacherjake)

this is the weirdest traffic light party

— beth mccoll (@imteddybless)

The Queen's dress at was amazing.

— ɢᴀᴠɪɴ (@gavinworby)

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Queen & Phil have come dressed as a highlighter pen and a pencil with a rubber on the end

— Peggy Woolley (@peggy_woolley)

Dresser: Have you had any thoughts about col...
Queen: GREEN
Dresser: Pastel, mint, oli..
Queen: GREEN.

— Becky Fox (@beckyfox12)

Crikey, you can see the Queen from Space in that outfit! *adjusts brightness on TV*

— Trave77er (@Trave77ing)

All humor aside, let's be honest: How many 90-year-olds do you know who would be willing to rock such a daring color palette? Clearly, Her Majesty is planning on her 90s being full of bold style moves.

Love that the Queen is wearing such a bold outfit. It's her day and she's gonna make sure everyone knows it! 🇬🇧

— Chloe Hackett 🏇⚽ (@ChloeSH07)

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