HGTV "Flip or Flop" Host s How a Fan Saved His Life

The story behind Tarek El Moussa's cancer diagnosis is nothing short of amazing.

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Host of HGTV's Flip or Flop Tarek El Moussa is currently in remission from thyroid cancer. After speaking out about his battle with the disease, the amazing story behind his 2013 diagnosis is resurfacing among fans. 

While watching reruns of Flip or Flop, Ryan Read, a registered nurse, became concerned when she spotted a lump on El Moussa's neck. She immediately wrote in to the production company urging Tarek to seek medical attention. 

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 Christina El Moussa, Tarek's wife and co-host d the note with :

This is not a joke. I'm a registered nurse. I've been watching Flip or Flop. I noticed that the host Tarek has a large nodule on his thyroid, and he needs to have it checked out.

Apparently, Tarek had previously visited the doctor to have the lump checked out, but was told it was nothing. When he received Read's note, he knew he had to get a second opinion. During a biopsy, doctors confirmed the lump was cancerous and removed Tarek's entire thyroid. The cancer had spread to his lymph nodes, but not past his neck, so he had to go through radioactive iodine therapy.

Today, Tarek is feeling better but has noticeably less energy than he used to, . "The only thing is most days or like half the time I feel a little jet lagged," he said. "I'm really tired."

After his original diagnosis, Tarek stepped back to reevaluate what he wants in life. As any Flip or Flip fan knows, the El Moussas are constantly busy with their real estate business as well as filming new episodes. The couple recently welcomed their second child, son Brayden James, so it's safe to say they're getting some much needed family time. 

"There is always that chance of reoccurrence but every year that goes by the odds of reoccurrence goes down so it's good," . "I have slowed down quite a bit. Which is actually a good thing because I can actually relax now." 

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