Here's how to make house plants, flowers, and outdoor spaces look lush and beautiful, regardless of whether you have a green thumb.

top view of various green succulents in pots on white
10 Amazing Types of Succulents Every Plant Lover Needs to Know

Dolphins and zebras and pandas, oh my!

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Kitchen scraps in a vintage bowl
The Ultimate Guide to Composting At-Home—Yes, Even Indoors

Plus, the best indoor compost bins for every kitchen.

Hummingbird Shaped Flower - Green Birdflower, Regal Birdflower, Crotalaria Cunninghamii
This Plant’s Flowers Are Shaped Like the Cutest Hummingbirds

The Crotalaria cunninghamii originates from Australia and loves hot weather.

pink garden hose with a leopard print nozzle
Yes, Stylish Garden Hoses Exist, and You Definitely Deserve One

No more basic backyards.

30 Low-Light Houseplants That Can Survive In Even The Darkest Corner

Your windowsill is crowded enough already.

15 Fall Flowers to Grow for a Gorgeous Garden Beyond Labor Day

No, it's not too soon to start planning.

Get Greenovia Dodrentalis Rose Succulents for a Year-Round Bouquet.
Rose Succulents Are the Prettiest Gardening Gift

Just as pretty as real flowers, but without the high maintenance.

The 13 Best Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Garden

They will literally save your garden.

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These Galaxy Flowers Are Truly Out of This World

They'll have you seeing stars.

How to Plant a Tree—and Get it to Thrive in Your Yard

Go out on a limb.

Pine Trees Might Be the Secret to Attracting More Fireflies to Your Yard This Summer

Breaking out my gardening gloves for this one.

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These Trees are Perfect for Small Yards

No space? No problem.

Street of beautiful violet vibrant jacaranda in bloom. Spring in Pretoria.
Purple Jacaranda Trees Are the New Cherry Blossom

Did I mention it's PURPLE?!

You Can Grow Your Own Avocado Tree With This Kit For Just $24

Why haven't I bought this before?!

Young woman spraying water on flowers (low angle view)
10 Best Gardening Stools and Kneelers You Need This Summer

Tending to your plants has never been easier.

Hummingbird at a home feeder in Texas 3
10 Bird Feeders That Will Bring All the Hummingbirds to Your Yard

You'll be feeling like Snow White in no time.

This Birth Month Flower Grow Kit Is the Most Thoughtful Gift for Gardeners

Definitely better than a bouquet.

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