Lance Bass Feels "Used" After Losing Brady Bunch House In Bidding War

The former 'N Sync singer took to Instagram to that he's "heartbroken" over the situation.

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ICYMI: The iconic Brady Bunch house hit the market in mid-July for $1.885 million by . The Studio City, California home — which was used for exterior shots in the show — received eight offers, reports the , one of them from Lance Bass.

The NSYNC singer took to on August 3 to announce that he had purchased the house, and that his offer was accepted. He even teased plans for the property, responding with "that's the plan!" after someone requested that he make the inside identical to how the Brady house looked in the show.

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Super excited to announce they accepted my offer on the house last night!!! This is going to be a fun project!

— Lance Bass (@LanceBass)

Just one day later, Lance posted to to tell followers he was feeling heartbroken. "As many of you may have heard, we placed the winning bid on the iconic Brady Bunch house — at least that’s what we were told," he wrote. Bass explained the situation, saying, "The agent representing the estate informed us we made the winning bid (which was WAY over the asking price) after the final deadline for all offers had passed—even writing up the 'winning bid' for my team after informing me of the good news. Isn’t a deadline a deadline?"

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According to Bass, the same agent informed him that there was a corporate buyer who wanted the home at any cost. "We were prepared to go even higher but totally discouraged by the sellers agent, they will outperform any bid with unlimited resources," he wrote. Bass said that he feels used and saddened by the "highly questionable" outcome. "I truly believe I was used to drive up the price of the home knowing very well that this corporation intended on making their offer and it's not a good feeling," he said in the Instagram post.

The potential buyer who outbid Bass hasn't been identified yet, but the Los Angeles Times reports that the sale is expected to close in about ten days.

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