The Property Brothers Are Coming Out With The Cutest Children's Book

Forget millennials — they're after the under-10 market.

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Drew and Jonathan Scott are at it again — writing another book, that is. The Property Brothers stars are no stranger to publishing, having released two books in the past (their first, , was released in 2016, followed by in 2017). But now the pair are adding to their empire and venturing into a whole new realm of publishing: children's books.

The HGTV stars are officially writing a children's picture book, called Builder Brothers: Big Plans. It'll be released this fall — October 2, to be exact — through . The book, illustrated by Kim Smith, is about two brothers (no surprise there!) and their attempts to follow their imaginations and build the things they dream up. So sweet, right?

Builder Brothers: Big Plans by Drew and Jonathan Scott, $18; Amazon

In a press release, Drew talked about why he and Jonathan thought it was important to write a children's book. "Knowing how much kids love to make and build things, we decided to write a picture book that would help inspire them to dream big and to dare to try," he explained.

"It’s exactly the kind of story we would have loved to read growing up," Jonathan added, according to . "It’s all about trying to do what seems impossible and succeeding in all sorts of unexpected ways."

The book also comes with an original DIY building project for parents to do with their children — perfect for all you crafty families out there.

While Builder Brothers: Big Plans won't be out until October, you can .

"Builder Brothers: Big Plans" Signed Hardcover Edition
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