Why You Should Know About this California Mansion

Eight U.S. presidents have visited.

This NYC Apartment Building Is Celeb Central

This West Village apartment building is basically celeb central.

Look up the latest in notable listings and home market news.
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Shoppable Airbnb Montauk New York McKinley Bungalow
You Can Buy Everything in This Chic Airbnb

Dare you to stay the night without buying anything.

Home showcase mid-century modern open plan living room
What You Should Know Before Buying A Mid-Century Modern Home

There's a reason why millennials love them so much.

You Could Rent Paris Hilton's Former Party House for $30,000 a Month

It's basically a time capsule of the early 2000s.

Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch
apartment building with blue sky behind it
Here's Why Designers Are So Obsessed With This Delightfully Retro Apartment Complex

It's a whole different kind of Reef-er Madness.

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Here's Exactly What It Takes To Buy A Home

From start to finish.

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6 Things That Happen To Every First-Time Buyer

No. 5 is all too real.

6 Sneaky Costs Nobody Budgets for When Buying A House

Spoiler: That list price is only the beginning.

The Top 5 Homebuying Mistakes Realtors Wish People Would Stop Making

Here's how you avoid all the major pitfalls.


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