Decorating the Mad Men Way

Retro furniture finds for your home.

don sitting in chair
You don't have to break out the pencil skirts and hair wax to get Mad Men's impeccable style. Instead, try a universally flattering look: the retro-chic design of the show's homes and office.
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don sitting in chair
Season 4 Preview
What to expect in Mad Men's fourth season? We can't give away any plotlines, but we can some of the best Mad Men-inspired furniture and accessories we've found.
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lamp with cocktail table
Sure, Don's got a Drum lampshade in his office, but here's an upgrade we're confident he would get behind: a built-in table. What good ad man wouldn't appreciate a product that does double duty? Imagine the possibilities for slogans! Another gem from Bryan Batt's store Hazelnut. Brass Floor Lamp with Glass table, $875, , 504-891-2424
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lounge chair
Should season three bring another Palm Springs trip for Don, this seat is a must. A re-issue of a Billy Haines favorite from 1947 that's kept all it's original design cred — and comfort. William Haines Ledgeback Seniah Chair, to the trade, Profiles at the NY Design Center, 212-689-6903.
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cocktail glass
Where would the Sterling Cooper offices be without some cocktails? Don drinks old-fashioneds when he's out, but at the office, he takes his rye straight. Either way, he drinks from a stylish glass. Why shouldn't we all? Round Ones Finedge Rocks, $1 each, Libbey Glassware, 888-794-8469
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vintage travel poster
Vintage Poster
No desire to work at an ad agency in 1963? How about admiring the work? This print of a TWA ad makes air travel look extra-glamorous (and those ad men look extra-slick). Miami, Fly TWA by David Klein, starting at $25, .
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retro looking club chair
Club Chair
Sink into a chair that was modern then, and timeless now. We're mad for the sleek chrome legs and the variety of fabrics to choose from. There's even one that can complement plaid wallpaper, for true Betty Draper-style devotees. Theatre Armchair, $1,300, .
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old fashioned typewriter
"Try not to be overwhelmed by all this technology," says office manager and resident bombshell Joan Holloway. We say if you’re literate with Microsoft Word, this typewriter should be a cinch. Olivetti typewriter, $140, .
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starburst red clock
A reproduction of George Nelson’s famous sunburst clock from the 1950s — true to size, construction, and detail. The shape livens up the Sterling Cooper boardroom, so why shouldn't a lacquer red version do the same in your home? Nelson Sunburst clock, $385, .
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blue tufted headboard
Tufted Bed
Mad Men set decorator Amy Wells calls Don and Betty's headboard "very sexual-looking." We love how this voluptuous yet cozy version from Jonathan Adler has the same feel. But keep your cigarettes out of the bedroom — no reason to make that lush velvet smell smoky. Woodhouse King Bed, $3,200 for King, .
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blinds hanging on a window
Hunter Douglas
Got any big secrets? You're not alone. Horizontal aluminum blinds close tightly for maximum privacy. To get an even closer Mad Men match, don't forget to add tape. Alustra Modern Precious Metals, 2" Aluminum Blinds, .
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white and wood lounge chair
Lounge Chair
Slanted legs remind us of the chair on the opposite side of Don Draper's desk...who wouldn't want that seat? Bonus points for authenticity: Bryan Batt, who plays Salvatore Romano, sells this in his New Orleans store. 1962 Lounge chair, $1,750, , 504-891-2424.
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desk lamp
Desk Lamp
Because every night can't be spent at swanky client dinners: a cap-shade lamp for late-night brainstorming. Bruno Table Lamp, $119, .
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in and out box for desk
In-Out Box
Because there's no [email protected], try the original "inbox." Cubi Priority Manager Drawer with In/Out Tray, $75, .
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