This Sleek Drinks Cabinet Has A Built-In Wine Fridge

Stylish storage with a boozy surprise inside.

dsignedby drinks cabinet
Mirko Nahmijas

If you like wine, you're going to love dsignedby.'s latest design: a sleek wooden cabinet with a wine fridge, lighting, and a drink prep station built right in. It's pretty much the ultimate in barware and storage.

dsignedby drinks cabinet
Mirko Nahmijas

Created by Serbian designer and dsignedby.'s founder Irena Kilibarda, the Drinks Cabinet is made with solid oak shelving and oak veneered sides, along with a white Corian DuPont worktop for making and pouring drinks that is sustainable, water-resistant, and antibacterial. The wine fridge has easy-access ventilation and temperature control, so you know your favorite bottles are in good hands. And the LED lighting is a stylish bonus that lights up all the bottles and glassware on the shelves.

The Drinks Cabinet can also be put on wheels, so if you need a wine storage solution that's also mobile, dsignedby. has you covered. Plus, when you're not using it, you can close it up to save space—then it's just a sleek, unassuming cabinet with a boozy surprise inside.

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Dsignedby.'s Drinks Cabinet is priced at 7000€. If you're interested or would like more information, you can fill out the form on their website.

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