Here's Everything You Can Expect From Amazon's 2018 Black Friday Deals

We can hardly wait. Black Friday Deals
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Most online and brick & mortar retailers pull out all the stops for Black Friday. But out of all the sale giants, Amazon takes the cake when it comes to incredible Black Friday deals. With prices already so low, and free shipping for Prime subscribers, it's hard to imagine just how much cheaper their inventory can get. From mattresses to electronics, every year the brand manages to swoop in with some outrageous deals.

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Last year, Amazon's sale started early, exclusively for —AKA people who use Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices to search the site using vocal commands—on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 5 p.m. The rest of their items opened up to the public on Thanksgiving Day. All day long, Amazon offered multiple Lightning Deals with high demand items that sell out within minutes. It's a safe bet that Amazon will do something similar this year.

If you want to Black Friday like an Amazon pro, we recommend watching the Upcoming Deals tab on the top of the screen and ensuring that your account and payment method are up-to-date before the sale begins. The company's biggest discounts are typically for their own products, like the Fire Stick and Kindle, and those deals tend to last throughout the entire day.

While Amazon won't release their exact deals until mid-November, we're still reminiscing about some of the best discounts they had to offer on their products from 2017, which could offer some insights into what they'll offer this time around:

  • : $29.99 (Regular price: $49.99)
  • : $79.99 (Regular price: $99.99)
  • : $119.99 (Regular price: $149.99)
  • : $24.00 (Regular price: $39.99)

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