IKEA Is Re-Releasing Its Most Iconic Items In Stores For A Limited Time

These are a SERIOUS throwback.


IKEA is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the three-quarters of a century that it's provided the world with Scandinavian style (and so much flat pack furniture), the brand is bringing back some of its most beloved vintage items. That's not all, though — the Swedish retail giant's also selling new items inspired by its style over the decades, as part of a special, three-part limited edition . Oh, and you can start finding those goods N-O-W.

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First up, August marks the release of the first two decades of the GRATULERA collection: the '50s through the '60s. In it, you'll find some fun mid-century finds and a lot of dark, rich colors, with items like the LÖVBACKEN table (an retro-futuristic side table) and the STRANDMON wing chair (which was already available but now comes in a limited-edition, dark green-blue velvet), which was IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad's favorite.

In October, IKEA will release items from and inspired by the '70s through the '80s, so you can expect bold, colorful, fun products in the collection then. And come December, you'll find tons of cool, minimal furniture and decor to celebrate the '90s and '00s. Basically, IKEA's finishing out 2018 with blasts from the past, which is pretty irresistible.

The GRATULERA collection will only be available in stores, but you can check out the current edition from the '50s and '60s below, and click on specific products to check their availability at IKEA stores near you. Besides, these chic items are worth the trek.

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