These Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws Are Selling Rapidly On Amazon

ICYMI: It's the summer of the plastic straw ban.

Amazon Stainless Steel Straws

"This is the summer of the plastic straw ban," stated in a recent article outlining this season's extra push to ban said single-use drinking tubes. And they're not wrong.

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws (Set of 4)
YIHONG $8.99

Summer 2018 has marked the months during which many large corporations, like and Disney Co, committed to phasing out single-use plastic straws, and more individuals are following suit and taking it upon themselves to find environmentally friendly and/or reusable options (or even choosing not to use them at all).

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Among the people taking this plastic pollution crisis into their own hands are reality TV star , model , an insane number of Amazon customers. In fact, people are buying so rapidly that they're regularly topping Amazon's list of — yesterday, they were in the #2 Home & Kitchen spot.

For just $6.99, one pack of these stainless steel lifesavers comes with 4 bent straws (two 8.5" and two 10.5" ones) and a cleaning brush. Additionally, because these are plastic and BPA free (as well as multi-use), you are guaranteed to lower your carbon footprint. With everyone's help, maybe we can stop the ocean from having more plastic than fish in it by 2050.

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