31 Family Room Ideas That Strike The Balance Between Cozy And Elevated

Let the bonding begin.

family room design ideas 
Nicole Franzen

The family room plays an important role in any home. It's where you go to relax and bond with friends and family in a casual, welcoming setting. But just because it's casual doesn't mean it can't look as stylish and elevated as a living room. Here's proof.

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Neutral family room
Nicole Franzen
Layer Rugs And Throws

This family room feels extra inviting thanks to the layers on layers of rugs and throws. If you're color-averse, take note from this space and bring in personality and intrigue with different texture-rich materials. With a ton of natural light and nature-inspired pieces, it's both calming and cozy.

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Eric Piasecki
Have Fun With Color

Too outrageous? No such thing. With a gold statement ceiling, tangerine walls, floral motifs, and pops of color everywhere, this family room isn't afraid to have fun.

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Living room paint colors
Paul Raeside
Make It Intimate

Paint the walls a darker shade to make the family room feel intimate and cozy. Then opt for brighter furniture, like an orange sofa and green armchair, to introduce some cheer.

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Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt
Add Textiles

What's cozier than sheepskin throws? Throw them over your armchairs or layer them with your area rug. In this family room with super high ceilings, the layers of throws introduce some warmth.

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Leanne Ford Interiors
Layer, Layer, Layer

Up the cozy factor in your family room in a major way by layering materials and textures. Keep them a neutral color so they look elevated.

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Midcentury modern living room décor
Nicole Franzen
Set The Scene

This fireplace is made for family gatherings. To make it even more inviting, lean some instruments against the wall and ensure there's plenty of seating space. The floating shelves give it a more lived-in feel while also increasing storage.

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Small family room ideas
Leanne Ford Interiors
Hang Large-Scale Artwork

Make a simple wall a little more exciting with oversized artwork. This is also a good way to take advantage of wall space when your the room is tiny but the ceilings are high.

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blue family room ideas
Leanne Ford Interiors
Serve Double Duty

If your family room is also your living room, choose furniture that's super comfortable and cozy while also looking streamlined and formal. Then, when you have guests over, add florals to make it feel more special and party-ready.

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Courtesy of Nicole Franzen
Cool Minimalist

Whoever said minimalism can't be cozy was seriously disturbed. Mix neutrals to add some warmth.

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Family room décor ideas 
Paul Raeside
Let Your Throws Steal The Spotlight

The colorful furniture and throw pillows are the focal point of the room. For a similar look and feel, paint your walls and ceilings bright white so all the fun décor can really pop. The white paint also helps brighten up the room.

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modern family room ideas
Nicole Franzen
Build A Reading Nook

Built-in reading nooks are the definition of cozy. If your living room doubles as the family room, a reading nook will make it feel more homey without counteracting the formal feel. A stylish modern light fixture and abstract wall art are great ways to make the room look elevated and modern without taking up any useable space.

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Courtesy of The Faux Martha
Scandinavian Chic

This insanely cozy family room will have you wishing for winter. We're so here for the plaid throw.

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Fantastic Frank
Try Alternative Seating

Nothing ramps up the fun like a playful touch—in this case, an actual swing.

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blue velvet sectional
Roland Bello
Go Bold With Your Sofa

A blue velvet sofa stands out in the family room of a Manhattan apartment. The wallpaper is hung horizontally rather than vertical for a modern look.

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Family room ideas
Amber Interiors
Balance Trends With Timelessness

With plenty of comfortable seating, built-in wall storage, a traditional rug, and playful yet neutral throw pillows, this living room strikes the perfect balance between on-trend and timeless. The gray-painted walls also give it a unique edge.

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family room wall décor ideas
Nicole Franzen
Upgrade Your Gallery Wall

Instead of a classic gallery wall of photos and artwork, put something quirky on display. This gallery of hats, for example, spruces up the walls while also making the room feel more personalized and unique.

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stained glass décor ideas
Katie Hodges Interior Design
Play Up Architectural Quirks

If your home has eye-catching architectural quirks—think exposed beams, indoor arches, and, in this case, stained glass—don't try to downplay them. Instead, allow them to anchor the room. While the décor scheme in this living room feels contemporary, none of the accent items overpower (or clash with) the gorgeous stained glass.

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Pieter Estersohn
Add A Touch of Playfulness

A sectional in linen velour anchors the family room in a Maryland living room. Pink accent chairs help make sure all the gray doesn't feel too dull. And a grand piano is always a good call in the family room.

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family room seating ideas
Fantastic Frank
Slide Up A Rocking Chair

When decorating a family room that feels functional and stylish, stick to the basics with investment pieces (like the sofa and coffee table). Then bring in personal style with accent seating. A rocking chair will be both eye-catching and on-theme for a family-friendly space.

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Jeremy Samuelson
Include Informal Materials

This simple family room incorporates tons of texture, from the rug, to the shades, to the sofa. It's also proof that even if you don't live by the coast, blue and white is a go-to color combo. These casual materials make it feel family-friendly, too.

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Courtesy of A House In The Hills
Incorporate Indoor Plants

Tons of natural light? Flowing curtains? Potted plants for days? Check, check, and check.

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Colorful family room décor
James Merrell
Get Whimsical

Incorporate sweet pastels and cheerful hues to create a nice, calming environment with plenty of style. In this room, where the exposed beams and floor tiles having a grounding effect, the wallpaper, upholstered coffee table, and throw pillows add a touch of whimsy.

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Paul Raeside
Pick Luxe Fabrics

A modern Hamptons retreat's custom ottoman is covered in an iridescent leather. When the natural light comes in, it bounces of it.

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Home bar ideas
Amber Interiors
Install A Home Bar

Add a home bar in the family room to make it equal parts kid-friendly and adult-friendly. It'll be the perfect place to entertain guests but won't overtake the space if you tuck it off to the side.

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Courtesy of Zeke Ruelas for Emily Henderson Designs
Honor Your Personal Style

A little bit modern, a little bit boho. What's not to love? Mixing more cutting-edge items with vintage finds and traditional classics will make it feel like a home that can grow with you over the years. Whatever you do, make sure it speaks to your personal style.

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James Merrell
Speak To Your Surroundings

This upstairs sitting room already benefits from insane water views, so the decor plays up the seaside location. Soft blues and whites feel coastal, but not kitschy.

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Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt
Keep Things Light And Airy

If you've got a wall of windows, you're golden. Keep your furniture simple and it's good vibes all day, every day.

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family room
Eric Piasecki
Let The Light In

This family room feels peaceful thanks to abundant natural light. Beige furniture and curtains add some warmth.
A large-scale stone fireplace is the focal point of this Greenwich, Connecticut, living room. The rest of the room is neutral, so nothing overpowers it.

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Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt
Choose A Statement Wall

A black-tiled fireplace helps ground an otherwise light and airy room. For max impact, tile all the way from the floor to ceiling.

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Karyn R. Millet
Create Cohesion In An Open Space

In a Los Angeles house, the family room is a natural extension of the kitchen. Table settings help add in color while the ceramics on display reflect the blue and white striped dining chairs, tying the whole space together.

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