18 Closet Organization Ideas You'll Want to Steal Immediately

We're all about #6.

A tidy, well-kept closet is the best: Not only do mornings run more smoothly, but all of a sudden your outfit options seem limitless. If you want to give your wardrobe the respect it deserves, try some of these ideas to make the most of your space.

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boot organizer
Boot Butler
Try a boot organizer.

Boots can be a pain to store in a closet — they seem to topple over at the slightest touch. Instead, a special boot organizer can safely house five pairs in the "footprint" of one.

Get a similar look: boot rack ($70, )

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Closet organizer pants hanger
Use specialized hangers.

Slim and open, these hangers easily "file" away pants in your closet. The design also makes clothing easier to access.

Get a similar look: slacks hangers ($11, )

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Hanging closet bar
Organize It All
Add another bar.

Doubling up your closet space is as easy as hanging up another bar. Choose a system that also includes hooks for maximum versatility.

Get a similar look: closet doubler ($17, )

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The Chronicles of Home
Use wasted wall space.

Instead of hanging your robust scarf collection on hangers and taking up valuable rod space, try this trick from : Attach a towel bar to unused wall space to create a personalized display for your collection.

Get a similar look: wood towel bar ($6, )

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closet organization
Put shoes on the door.

The best thing about high heels is that they're basically designed for this genius storage hack from . Hang rails on the inside of your door to squeeze extra storage out of your closet.

Get a similar look: matte brass towel bar ($39, )

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closet organization
Urban Acreage
Hang your rod higher.

It might look silly, but when you , you can fit more below your clothes (genius). Then, you can squeeze a dresser or shoe rack underneath your hung-up garments, like in the closet of Rachel Baumann of .

Get a similar look: mid-century modern dresser ($137, )

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closet dividers
I'm an Organizing Junkie
Keep your top shelf in shape.

You're about to fall in love with shelf dividers, thanks to this idea from Laura Wittmann of . These nifty organizers have the ability to keep different items separate, while also over — so you can stack sweaters way higher.

Get a similar look: set of four wire dividers ($12, )

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closet organization
Gain space with shelf brackets.

Instead of using these tools to hold up a shelf, flip them over and use the rails to add even more hanger space in your closet. In this idea from , pants are organized by category (jeans, shorts and patterns).

Get a similar look: curtain clips with hooks ($7, )

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closet organization
Ask Anna
Get creative with bulky clothes.

Even though shoe are handy for your sneakers, they can also be used for bulky items like sweaters that you don't want to accidentally stretch out on a hanger (bye, saggy shoulders). rolls the sweaters before stowing them away.

Get a similar look: hanging shoe organizer ($15, )

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A Thoughtful Place
Hang purses on hooks.

Forget the bathroom: discovered that shower hooks are perfect for hanging purses in your closet on the hanger rod. Even better? This method will ensure handles don't get misshaped.

Get a similar look: stainless steel shower curtain hooks ($10, )

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Getty Images
Purge with purpose.

Before you start cleaning your closet, decide who will get the castoffs, recommends organizing expert . Knowing that your clothes are going to a favorite charity, a homeless shelter or the local do-gooder thrift shop is a goal that you can feel good about.

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Getty Images
Grill yourself over each item.

says to ask yourself these questions: Do I love it? Is it flattering? Is it the image I want to project? If it's a "yes" to all three, then it's a keeper. Still not sure? Ask yourself: Which is more valuable? The item or the cleared space?

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Simon Watson
Organize using your preferences.

The best way to organize your closet is to set it up into zones based on the way you think about your wardrobe, says . For example: When you are getting dressed, do you think first in terms of occasion, by garment type or by season? Arrange your clothes with this in mind.

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wooden hangers hung on metal pole
Getty Images
Splurge on matching hangers.

Your clothes deserve the best treatment off and on your body. When you stock up on wooden or padded hangers your clothes will be able to shine, since their backdrop all looks the same.

Get a similar look: lotus wood hangers ($19, )

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Redefining Domestics
Stagger your shoes.

found that you can fit more on your closet shelves if you store shoes with the right and left ones facing opposite directions — genius! To do this, face one shoe toe to the front and the other heel to the front.

Get a similar look: horizontal shoe organizer ($21, )

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Perpetually Chic
Use office organizers.

Get creative with on-shelf storage, like the blogger behind did here with magazine files. It turns out they're the ideal shape for storing clutches and wristlets.

Get a similar look: clear desktop file organizer ($20, )

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closet with style
Style up your space.

Adding a mirror, a piece of art, fun colors or hanging wallpaper are all wonderful ways to add delight to your closet. says to stay away from dried flowers, books and stuffed animals, which all collect dust that will make your clothes feel less fresh.

Get a similar look: pink fabric storage boxes ($24, )

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Getty Images
Keep calm and carry on.

When you're near the finish line of clearing out your closet, you may begin to get overwhelmed, warns . Cue that "what am I going to do without my stuff?" feeling. Remind yourself that you are who you are, not what you own.

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