Everyone Seems to Be Divided on How Many Towels to Own—Here’s What We Think

Why is this so difficult?

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The general public tends to agree on a set of unspoken household rules: wipe your feet off before you enter someone's home, always have a spare set of clean bedsheets, don't leave your dishes in the sink, etc. But one rule has taken the internet by storm: How many bath towels should someone actually own?

user Advil launched the tweet that started Towelgate this weekend, and has garnered almost 2,500 replies. He believes that 10 is the perfect number of towels for a couple to own—but his girlfriend, not so much.

Soon enough, the internet's replies came pouring in, with everyone wanting to put their two cents in on the Great Towel Debate. Some said 10 was just perfect, others replied that you definitely need more than 12, and some were more stumped than ever before.

hello fellow adults. my gf and i have a question... what is the correct amount of towels to own? i said 10 and she looked at me like i was crazy. we have zero frame of reference on the appropriate amount of towels in a household of two.

— abdul 🤠🌌 (@Advil) February 17, 2019

There were some promising, well thought-out responses, including this one from Lauren Morrill...

My random rule of thumb: Two full sets for each person in the house, a full set for each guest you have space for. If you have a dog, you need approximately 100 more. https://t.co/8aOce2GI3L

— Lauren Morrill (@LaurenEMorrill) February 18, 2019

...and this one from Jeannie Lee.

Correct answer: whatever is correct for you.#adulting https://t.co/PH5fDPNtuX

— Jeannie [email protected] (@JeannieLee88) February 18, 2019

While it definitely depends on how many people are living in the household, how many guests you typically have visit you, and a few other factors, we can all agree that most households should have more than one. (C'mon, what are you going to dry off with while your sole towel is being washed?!)

For a more definitive answer though, we're going to need Marie Kondo to weigh in.

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