The Internet Can't Figure Out What This "Wheel of Fortune" Puzzle Says

And no, it's definitely not "suck it dork."

Leave it to Pat Sajak and Vanna White to . On a recent episode of "Wheel of Fortune," there was a puzzle that was, to say the least, very puzzling. Take a look:


— TGB (@twitersgoodboy)

Believe it or not, it wasn't "suck it dork," and the Internet went in to a tizzy trying to figure out what it could be.


— adrian crawford (@Crawf33)

sick at work?

— Carley Star (@starlitup)

My mothers answer to this was lick it dork. But suck it dork works too.

— Carly (@CarlyGroff)

To be honest, our guesses weren't much better. Luckily, we were all given sweet release thanks to one user.

Watched this tonight and my thought was "suck it work," so I was very impressed when the contestant got "back at work" in less than 1 sec.

— Alex Carroll 🏳️‍🌈 (@aloysiuscc)

Well, what are you waiting for? Back to work, guys.


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