This Magical Hotel Is the Only Way to Experience the Swiss Alps

If you're a minimalist, of course.

swiss hotel
Null Stern

When it comes to , this hotel takes the cake: It has no walls, no roof and no bathroom either (don't worry: there's one 10 miles down the road). But what does offer is a prime location 6,463 feet above sea level in the mountains of Graubünden in Switzerland.

The double bed hideout was designed by Swiss conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin for the Art Safiental land art festival, but has since been turned into a $250-per-night experience — weather permitting, of course. And even though it doesn't come with some of your standard hotel amenities (cough, a toilet, cough) it makes up for it with a butler service, welcome drink and breakfast basket.

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But we have to wonder what happens when a bear visits? Or when a late night rainstorm rolls in? Well, that might just be part of the experience. Daniel Charbonnier, who supports to hotel from the hospitality side, told the their goal is simple: "To put the guest at the center of the experience and to focus on the intangible by reducing everything else to the minimum."

With views like these, we're sure guests welcome a distraction-free evening. Wouldn't you?

swiss hote
Null Stern


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