5 Ridiculously Cute Dogs Living the Decorated Life

These pooches live the good life at some seriously posh pads. Here are our top five #DesignDogs of the week!

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1. Artist Donald Robertson's dachshund in bed snuggled up on a vibrant, embroidered pillow.

2. Seattle-based furniture and interiors firm snapped this pup on a stunning royal blue rug surrounded by gorgeous glass tables of their design.

3. The blogger/hostess Lulu Powers snapped her pups lounging on a navy bamboo sofa. Have to say, the brass lamp on the patio is clever. Some say bring the outdoors in, well how about bringing the indoors out!

4. One Kings Lane co-founder Susan Feldman's lab lounging on a settee upholstered in light blue silk.

5. Interior designer Bunny Williams's Cairn terrier in her garden. Nothing like having an extra paw to pull weeds!

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