Etsy Is Selling Plush Life-Sized Replicas of Pets, and They Are So Realistic

"When I posted a photo on , several friends called to congratulate us on our new dog!"

Life Sized Custom Pet Replica Plush Portrait Deposit

Here's the deal: Every pet parent will say their pup, cat, chameleon, or the like is the best (though they're seriously delusional, because mine very clearly is), but fewer have the necessary swag to prove it. Like, say, a custom Renaissance masterpiece of your furry friend, a pillow with your feline's face printed on it, or even a scary realistic (and life-sized) h replica of your poodle.


Thanks to Etsy vendor Brittany F.'s Plush Art Studio, the latter is officially possible, and the product is incredible. So much so that one reviewer, Kristine Day, even claimed her friends and family thought she'd gotten another dog after she posted a side-by-side of her spotted dog and his new h friend.

"The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this custom h is simply remarkable," she d, adding, "[It] is so realistic, that when I posted a photo on , several friends called to congratulate us on our new dog!"

Etsy/Kristine Day

So if you—or even your pet—are in need of a companion, this more than $150 (note: this is just the deposit) custom stuffed animal is exactly what you need. The reason why it's so expensive comes down to the unique, one-of-a-kind craftmanship that goes into each design. Including the fact that customers can choose from two different h types—traditional and art doll.

The art-doll style is especially realistic, with more details and weight added, so it's closer in stature to Fido. Plus, you can even pose the art doll so it sits, lies down, gives you a paw, or rolls over (no, really).

Because these products are in such high demand, upon submitting your (non-refundable) $150 deposit, you'll get added to a waitlist. Once it's your turn, Brittany will work with you one on one to create your own custom BFF. All I'm saying is if you do so now, you can definitely get one by the holidays (at the latest).

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