Kids + Pets

26 Super Cute School Supplies

I'm buying it for the kids, I swear!

9 Treehouses Your Kids Will Beg You To Build

I'll go out on a limb and say you've got this.

Fancy Dog Houses
15 Of The Most Amazing Dog Houses Ever

You'll want to move right in with them.

Can of Play-Doh
Play-Doh Wasn't Invented to be a Toy

The kids' classic wasn't invented to be a toy.

Apparently, "Catios" Are a Thing Now

These backyard spaces are the cat's meow.

See the cutest dogs, cats, and kids and find out how to make family-friendly homes.
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dog flu
The Dog Flu Is Spreading Across the Country for the First Time in Years

Here's what every pet owner needs to know about this scary virus.

dog owners live longer
Dog Owners Live Longer, According to New Study

As if we needed another reason to love dogs.

10 Fascinating Facts About November Babies

You know these to be SO true, November babies.

Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Are at Risk of Being Euthanized Very Soon

A new petition is calling for a 30-day hold at Houston-area shelters.

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These Are the Baby Names That Grandparents Really Don't Like

Hmm ... we have some mixed thoughts about this.

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Ernest Hemingway's Key West Cats Made It Through Hurricane Irma Unscathed

All 54 of the six-toed cats rode out the storm inside the late writer's house museum in Florida.

kids rooms
How 15 Designers Decorated Their Kids' Rooms

These spaces are fun and functional.

15 Fascinating Facts You've Never Heard About August-Born Babies

You've got to admit it: Some of these are definitely true!

sweet grandma eclipse letter
Read the Letter This Grandma Wrote Her Grandson 26 Years Ago

She penned it during the last solar eclipse and said he wasn't allowed to open it until the next one.

This 19th Century Baby Name Is Making a Huge Comeback

Ladies and Gentlemen: Birdie has landed.

Brown dog waiting at window for owners - close up
This Is How Long It's Safe to Leave Your Dog Home Alone

It may be shorter than you think, but it actually depends on the breed.

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