Switzerland Is a Snowy Marvel According to This Instagram

The country's dramatic natural landscape is at its best during winter.

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There's a reason people flock to Switzerland for skiing, snowboarding, and other mountain sports: the Swiss Alps. And apparently photographers like love the country just as much for all its snowy glory. And lucky for us, she likes to her weekend adventures on her feed — take a gander:

It's no surprise Bisaz is inspired by the mountains, since she grew up in a small village in the mountains near Chur, Switzerland. However she eventually moved to Zurich for school (where she studied Scientific Illustration) and now travels to mountain ranges in her free time to capture them and their natural beauty.

Bisaz credits Instagram for being part of the reason she became passionate about photography a few years ago, which she explained to : "It [Instagram] motivated me to go outside and explore my own country by foot."

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Another source of inspiration for her? The friends and feeds she follows on Instagram (us too).

But what surprises us most is how different each snowy snapshot looks from one another. You'll often find Bisaz using very different perspectives of similar sights to help make each picture feel unique — like this one up a mountainside.

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And she shoots during the day and night. Here, a full moon over a mountain range looks almost painted onto the sky.

Since Bisaz travels over the weekend, her feed is filled with glimpses of different cities. Here's a lovely shot of Prättigau/Graubünden, where she spent time in a cozy, snow-covered cabin (naturally).

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And when a little bit of color does shine through in her mostly-white photos, they are truly memorable — like the pink sunlight on the peak of this mountain.


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