12 Unique Container Gardens That Will Jazz Up Your Plants

You're going to want a bathtub, bicycle, and birdcage ASAP.

container gardens
EcoWineFurniture on Etsy + Rainy Side Gardeners

Anyone with a green thumb will tell you that their garden is a form of expression — and these clever planters are here to take that experience up another notch. Give your flowers tons of personality with tricycle, bird cage, and more unique container gardens.

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succulent container garden
RootedInSucculents on Etsy
Vertical Succulent Wall Planter



Your colorful succulents will instantly transform into art when you plant them in a vertical container that hangs on your wall.

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bike container garden
In His Grip...
Toy Tricycle

Once your kids outgrow their bike, transform it into something new for you. And if you really want to be an over-achiever, give it a coat of paint that matches the petals it'll hold.

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container garden
EcoWineFurniture on Etsy
Planter Wine Barrel



If your favorite backyard activity is drinking wine as you watch the sun set, there's no more appropriate container garden than this natural wood barrel.

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unique planter
Rosy Posy
Old Rain Boots

Don't donate your kid's rain boots after they outgrow them. Line a few pairs up to create a colorful and playful garden. You could even let your kids be in charge of watering the buds in their former boots.

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tea cup container garden
SimplySunshineDecor on Etsy
Ceramic Tea Cup Planter



These cute cup and saucer combinations can be customized with your color and stencil design of choice.

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tire container garden
Lemon, Bean and Things
Colorful Tires

No grip, no problem. Used tires make for excellent container gardens since the durable material helps protect plants from harsh winds and other elements.

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wheel barrow container garden
Succulents & Sunshine

The best thing about this container garden? You can up and move it around your yard as you please — or as your plants crave more sunlight or shelter.

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bathtub container garden
Dandelion House
Old Bathtub

Instead of showering yourself with water in this clawfoot tub, shower your bright and colorful flowers. The spacious mouth is big enough that you won't have to pick and choose which plants you want to put in it.

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birdcage planter
Rainy Side Gardeners
Antique Birdcage

Hang this antique container from a low tree branch in your backyard, then set up your lounge chairs underneath it for a statement-making "chandelier."

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teapot container gardens
Organized Clutter
Vintage Teapots

Calling all tea lovers: This series of smaller container gardens on a rustic ladder is a nod to your favorite beverage. Now, all you need is an outdoor patio set next to it for tea time.

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lantern container garden
IKEA Lantern

This lantern (from IKEA!) provides shelter for several plants and can be moved and used as a centerpiece both inside and outside. To water, just open up the door and mist the soil inside.

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watering can container garden
Live Creatively Inspired
Watering Cans

This clever use of gardening tools is a gardener's dream. The only catch: You'll need to invest in a watering can to water your watering can container garden!

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