8 Plants You Should Put in Your Bedroom

These gorgeous greens are just what you need for a good night's sleep.

Everything You Need to do in The Garden This Month

October is all about bulbs, harvesting and lawn care.

living stones
17 Weird Indoor Plants You Won't Recognize

We want one of each, please.

The 5 Top Landscape Design Trends This Fall

"Interiorscapes" are about to be all the rage.

This Is the One Thing You Should Do in Your Garden
Before you know it, spring will be here — now is the time to prepare…
Here's how to make house plants, flowers, and outdoor spaces look lush and beautiful, regardless of whether you have a green thumb.
25 Fall Flowers and Plants for an Autumn Garden

Don't give up on pretty blooms just yet.

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fall yard prep
15 Tasks Landscapers Say You Should Do in Your Yard Every Fall

Tackle these chores once the warm weather season come to a close.

Cottage garden
17 Things You'll Understand If You're Obsessed With Gardening

Slugs are your enemy!

ikea socker greenhouse
fall yard tools
15 Unique Yard Tools Every Homeowner Needs This Fall

Leaves have met their match.

halloween fairy garden
Halloween Fairy Gardens Will Be All the Rage This Fall

They're already trending on !

5 Brilliant Ideas for Gardening on a Budget

Try these easy tips to make your outdoor space look fantastic.

plant for your zodiac sign
The Best Houseplant for Your Zodiac Sign

Only a Virgo can handle a high-maintenance azalea.

The Best Plant for Every Room in Your Home

Put a Weeping Fig in your bedroom and sleep like a baby.

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indoor plants
18 Indoor Plants for the Small-Space Gardener

All of these beauties are easy to keep alive.

7 Perennials That Will Bloom Multiple Times This Summer

With a little extra care, these flowers will bloom two times or more.

9 Summer Flowers and Their Secret Meanings

Here's why you should never gift someone white hydrangeas.

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How to Make a DIY Hanging Cabbage to Keep Your Chickens Entertained

Low-impact exercise + a healthy snack = happy chickens.

black plants
10 of the Boldest Black Plants to Goth Up Your Garden

It's all about contrast, people!

Why You Should Only Buy Your Plants at Home Depot

The store's policy will save you a ton of money.

13 Garden Mistakes Professional Landscapers Wish We'd Stop Making

#3 is so important, but is often overlooked.

6 Herbs With Gorgeous Blooms

These flowering herbs are a feast for the eyes.

Why You Need to Be Extra Careful Before You Mow Over That Dead Patch of Grass

Little creatures could be hiding while waiting for their mother to return.

You'll Want to Plant These "Galaxy" Flowers in Your Garden ASAP

They're officially our favorite.

You Can Literally Never Overwater These Gorgeous “Aquascaped” Gardens

Too much H20 isn't a problem here.

The Garden Features That Will Add the Most Value to Your Home

You'll be surprised by what's last on the list.

The 16 Best Hydrangeas Based on Your Climate and Garden

Are you choosing the right kind for your garden?

13 Deadly Plants You Might Have at Home

Keep your kids and pets away from these popular picks.

Dino Parks Are Definitely the New Fairy Gardens

This backyard project is perfect for summer!

This Plant Literally Moves When You Touch It

File it under "magic."

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