13 Walls You Need to Take a Picture in Front of Before You Die

And then post on Instagram immediately.


Calling all Instagram fanatics: This list is basically all of the world's most amazing backdrops for your next selfie. Some are super-famous, others are less well-known, but they're all super delightful. Trust us, you're going to want to seek these walls out ASAP:

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1 The Biscuit Paint Wall

This colorful wall in Houston, Texas has become a local favorite since it was debuted in May 2014. It was designed by Sebastien "Mr. D" Boileau and lives on the outside of a home goods and decor store, called Biscuit Home (appropriately).

2 The Mondrian Wall

🎉🎉🎉 New series on the blog today! 🎉🎉🎉 Introducing the Studio DIY Wall Crawl! I always get asked about where the fun LA walls are that we shoot in front of so we've teamed up with @striped_cat_studio to map 'em all out for you!!! And we aren't stopping with LA, we're hitting cities all over the country + the world with YOUR help! ✨Join in and tag your fun wall photos with #studiodiywallcrawl ✨ OR if you want to be a ✨Wall Crawl correspondent✨ in your city for the blog, there's a form at the bottom of today's post to fill out! 👉🏻 Now go check out our LA faves! ⚫️⚪️🔵🔴😶 (📷 by @jeffmindell)

A post d by Kelly Mindell (@studiodiy) on

In Los Angeles, street art is a huge part of the culture, and this super mod and graphic version is a classic example of just how gorgeous graffiti really can be.

3 The Market Theater Gum Wall

In Seattle, there's a very sticky wall that's covered in pieces of chewing gum. The tradition began around 1993 and, after getting tired of scraping it off, it was deemed a tourist attraction in 1999 — the rest is history.

4 This Love-Bombed Wall

Love bomb. 💜💣 #latergram #eastvillage #nyc #graffiti #streetart #hektad

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In the East Village of New York City there's a wall that depicts a love bomb. Now, if that doesn't spread a smile on your face, we don't know what will.

5 The John Lennon Wall

Since the 1980s, this wall in Prague, Czech Republic has been filled with Lennon- and Beatles-inspired graffiti by fans, including song lyrics and lots of messages of love and peace. The best part is it's ever-changing, since people add their own mark every time they visit.

6 This Delicious Donut Wall

YAY US! Chattanooga is "officially" the #besttown2015! But we already knew that, didn't we? 😉 It's also #nationaldonutday so treat yourself for all the hard work you did voting! #🍩 Did you know the @salvationarmyus started national donut day to raise funds and help soldiers during World War 1? #livelocallyTN #chattanooga #CHA #tennessee

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In the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, you can have you donut and take a picture in front of one too at Koch's Bakery. To sum up our feelings in one word: yum.

7 This Banksy-ified Wall

Or really, you need to take a picture in front of any Banksy graffiti art. But this one in the West Bank City of Bethlehem is an especially memorable design from the unknown activist's portfolio.

8 This Punny Wall

I was in #foodieparadise the entire weekend thanks to #mybetterhalf 😋 #keepitweird 🎨 #austinmural #austinwallart

A post d by Lauren J. (Whipple) Schumacher (@thelaurenstyle) on

It's located in Austin, Texas and we think it speaks for itself. Quick, someone have a bread picnic underneath this clever creation!

9 The Love Wall at Juliet's House

As in Romeo and Juliet. It's located in in Verona, Italy, and according to Italian legend, the two love birds were not merely a product of Shakespeare's imagination, but existed in real life too. Today, the wall outside the Capulet house is filled with love notes from visitors.

10 This Audrey Hepburn Masterpiece

Audrey Hepburn! #Ady365ProjectPlus1 📷 #Day22 #365Project #365PhotoChallenge #MyLifeInNY #Art #UrbanArt #StreetArt #Graffiti #Mural #MuralArt #MulberryStret #AudreyHepburn #TristanEaton #Street #StreetStyle #LisaProject #Soho #LittleItaly #Manhattan #NY 🖌🎨 @tristaneaton

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In the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, one of Hollywood's most adored leading ladies is re-envisioned into a colorful wonder.

11 The Berlin Wall

One section of the Berlin Wall in Germany, called the Eastside Gallery, is dedicated to street art — and this super graphic section is one of the most memorable designs.

12 This Supremely Happy Wall

I had the best time in Atlanta this weekend with the hubs. We wandered around searching for colorful walls and artwork, which ended out being such a fun way to explore the city! Thanks @sophlog via @studiodiy for the recommendations! This one by @hensethename is incredible and maybe my favorite of all!

A post d by Rachel Hinderliter (@linesacross) on

Near the Westside Cultural Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia resides this bright and cheerful wall that undoubtably has the ability to cheer up anyone's day.

13 This Pop Art Wall

Drink Up! #wallcrawl #StudioDIYWallCrawl 📷: @laurenelise8

A post d by Lauren McClusky (@itslolokey) on

We think this wall in Chicago's West Loop would make Andy Warhol very, very happy. Just look at those repeating motifs and vibrant colors!

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