15 Things You Didn't Know About The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott

You'll never guess what they did before renovating houses.


With a hit HGTV show and several spin-offs, you're probably already a little familiar with the home renovation gurus known as the Property Brothers. After all, it's hard to miss the two towering twins. Here's what you might not know, from where they got their start to what they're up to next.

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1 They're Canucks.

#TBT to when we were ALMOST picked for #TeamCanada. #Olympics

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You'd never guess it from their accent, but the twins grew up in Canada. They were born on April 28, 1978 in Vancouver, Canada, and lived in Canada through college.

2 They’ve been working since they were kids.

The only person we were missing was Eleven. @milliebobbybrown #TBT #StrangerThings

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The twins have been in business together since the ripe age of seven, when they started JAM Enterprises. The two made nylon-covered hangers and sold them door to door. Throughout their childhood, they also built and repaired decks, fences, and barns. Their weirdest job? Mall cops. Drew told Us Weekly the pair briefly worked security in malls in the late 90s.

3 They’ve always stood out in a crowd.

What. A. Fun. Week. Thank you all for being such amazing fans! #FanFriday #FridayFeeling

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Besides being identical twins (Jonathan is four minutes older!), Jonathan and Drew are almost basketball-level tall. Drew is 6'4", while Jonathan stands an inch taller at 6'5''.

4 They have an older brother.

Having been brought up in a loving, supportive household...I’m thankful I was raised to admire and respect women #happyinternationalwomensday #respect #equality #tbt

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While you may only know Drew and Jonathan, the Scott family actually has three boys. J.D., who is two years older, is in the entertainment business as well. He's hosted several HGTV shows and Great American Country's All-American Amusement Parks.

5 They started college together.

Thanks @mollybsims for helping us prep to entertain the family with Everyday Chic. Love the read!

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After attending the Thomas Haney Secondary School, the twins went to University of Calgary together. They started to pursue different interests – Drew studied kinesiology, and Jonathan business management. Jonathan eventually transferred schools to study construction and design, where he become a licensed contractor. That skill-set obviously came in handy!

6 Jonathan has some pretty interesting hobbies.

Small hands or big cards?! I’ll never tell! 🐰🎩 #TBT

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Besides being an award-winning magician, Jonathan plays the bagpipes, speaks four languages, and is a second–degree black belt in Shotokan karate. Drew is musical too; his dad taught him how to play guitar.

7 They started out as actors.

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Property Brothers wasn't their first on-camera rodeo. Both Scotts appeared on a Canadian show called Breaker High, then went on to small roles in Smallville (Drew) and The X-Files (Jonathan).

8 But Drew was offered a hosting gig first.

Beautiful Toronto, 3rd season of @PropertyBrothers. #TBT

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While Jonathan was holding down their real estate business, Drew went to Vancouver to pursue acting full time. During this time, he was asked to host a show called Realtor Idol. The show never happened, but it did lead the producers to develop Property Brothers for both Drew and Scott.

9 They’ve had several spin-offs.

Getting the band back together! @mrdrewscott and @mrsilverscott help this couple transform a country home to entertain family, friends, and the community they love! Tune in for this happy homestead episode of #PropertyBrothers tonight at 9 p.m. on @hgtv US!

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Property Brothers turned out to be a hit (duh), and has since aired in 150 countries. It also launched several spin-offs, including Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, and Property Brothers: At Home on The Ranch.

10 They once worked on the high seas.

Currently dreamin’ of that time I was maxin’ and relaxin’ in the ☀️ on the 🌊. #TBT #SailingWithTheScotts

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In 2015, the brothers hosted a Carnival cruise called "Sailing With the Scotts," traveling with fans to Miami, Cozumel, and Key West. Good news – it's coming back this December!

11 Drew's not too shabby on the dance floor.

@TheEmmaSlater had her work cut out for her this week. Not one but TWO @PropertyBrothers to teach. #DWTS @dancingabc

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Drew joined season 25 of Dancing With The Stars, and ended up placing fourth in the season alongside partner Emma Slater. The audience was in for a surprise when Jonathan joined in on one of the performances.

12 They’ve recorded three country songs.

Someone's practicing for Nashville ;) If you live in Nashville and want @mrsilverscott and @mrdrewscott to renovate and sell your house apply now! #BuyingandSellng

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They really are jacks-of-all-trades. The twins premiered "Hold On" and "Let the Light Shine In" on Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch, both of which are available on iTunes and Amazon. Their third song, "My House," was a cover of a Flo Rida song.

13 They don’t have kids – yet.

It always brings Linda and me so much joy spending time with our nieces and nephew❤️ #family

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While both the brothers' social media feeds feature some adorable snaps with children, neither is a dad quite yet. Jonathan, who's been married once, split up with his longtime girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov earlier this month. Drew is engaged to Linda Phan, with plans to wed this May.

14 They’re New York Times bestselling authors.

I’ve got my copy. Do you have yours? #FiresideReading #ItTakesTwo

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As if they weren't busy enough, the brothers have co-written two books. Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House came out in April 2016, landing a spot on the NY Times Bestseller list, and was followed by It Takes Two: Our Story in 2017.

BUY NOW It Takes Two, $15; amazon

15 They're not leaving HGTV anytime soon.

#Nashville's legendary Music Row is the ideal spot for this musical couple, but will this hot market be a match for @mrdrewscott? And, can @mrsilverscott create the perfect vibe to match Ashley and Aben's nifty style? Tune-in tonight! 9 p.m. | @hgtv US!q

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In February, HGTV announced a new, multi-year deal with Jonathan and Drew. The twins' production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, will continue to produce content for TV, film, and the web.

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