This Is Why You Should Never Flush Dental Floss Down the Toilet

You won't be able to unsee these pictures.

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A few things that should never go down your toilet include cotton pads, hair — and somewhat surprisingly, floss. While these might seem innocent enough to toss in your bowl, it's made out of nylon or Teflon so it isn't biodegradable and doesn't break down over time, which can cause some serious plumbing issues.

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And if you're a daily flosser (), throwing those tiny pieces in your toilet every day will add up fast. "Floss can combine with other items, such as single-use wipes (like baby wipes), and form balls that can grow quite sizable and can clog sewers and pumps," Rosales-Ramirez told . "Sometimes these items also combine with tree roots and grease and create huge problems for sewer systems."

If you need further proof that this simple habit is a major mistake, these pictures should do the trick (sorry in advance).

Don't flush dental floss down the toilet

— N (@johnjamesjohn30)

20 years of dental floss clogged in my toilet. via /r/WTF

— me (@not_actuallyme)

If you've been tossing your floss in your toilet, Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Lab at the , says to stop immediately. "I suspect that Drano or other drain cleaners aren't formulated to dissolve dental floss and not all of them can be safely used in toilets. A plunger, auger or calling a plumber is best."

Now that you know one mistake not to make in your bathroom, make sure you're not making these cleaning mistakes either:

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