What Is 'Swedish Death Cleaning?'

It sounds scary, but it's actually genius.

two-ingredient cleaners
2-Ingredient Cleaners for All Over Your House

You probably already own everything on this list.

Why You Should Never Flush Floss Down the Toilet

You won't be able to unsee these pictures.

Genius Cleaning Products on Amazon Under $15

You're going to want all of them.

12 Cleaning Mistakes That Make Food Taste Worse

It might be time to change your dishwasher detergent.

Laundry and dishwashing just got a whole lot easier with plenty of cleaning tricks.
It's Official: Microwaving Your Sponge Isn't the Best Way to Clean It

There's really only one way to ensure it's good to go.

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Putting a Tea Towel in Your Dryer Could Cut Drying Time by a Third

Definitely giving this a try!

This Is How Often You Should Be Changing Your Pillowcase

It's far more often that we thought...

10 Things You Need to Clean Every Week — And 5 Things You're Cleaning Too Much

You just might be able to lighten your laundry load.

This Is Really How Often You Should Be Washing Your Towels

Once a week isn't cutting it.

The Problem With Hardwood Floors That Interior Designers Won't Talk About

Here's how to stop the damage before it starts.

6 Devastating Confessions From a Cleaning Woman to the Wealthy

What this woman saw in her clients' homes will make your jaw DROP.

This 1940s Cleaning Trick Is the Secret to Streak-Free Mirrors

Making a mental note of this trick for our weekend cleaning.

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The "20-10 Method" Is the Best Way to Clean Your House

We're DEFINITELY giving this a try.

shoes at front door
If You Don't Already Take Your Shoes Off at the Front Door, You Should

And the reason why is pretty gross.

scrub daddy
Why This Sponge Is the Most Successful "Shark Tank" Product of All Time

It's more handy than it looks.

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4 Cleaning Tricks From Grandma That Are Totally Bogus — and 6 That Really Work

Times change and sometimes cleaning advice does, too.

amazon cleaning products
15 Genius Cleaning Products You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

#5 is definitely our favorite.

20 Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring

There are also a few places you won't need to tackle again until next year.

The 10 Grossest Things Plumbers Have Ever Found in Toilets

A lovely highlight: "...about 20 small snakes came pouring out of the ceiling."

The Best Cleaning and Organizing Tricks We Learned This Year

Consider your biggest clutter problems solved.

5 Gross Things That Happen When You Don't Wash Your Sheets Enough

Your bed is a germy wasteland.

10 Things You're Probably Forgetting to Clean Before Holiday Guests Arrive

Let us ask: How does your soap dish look?

9 Things in Your Bathroom You Need to Replace More Frequently

Sadly, loofahs should never see their one-month birthday.

11 Genius Ways to Use Lemons All Over the House

When life gives you lemons... clean your sink!

11 Foods That Actually Make the Best Home Cleaners

Next stop for a clean home? Your pantry!

15 Little Things That Drive Housekeepers Totally Crazy

Yes, there's a difference between "cleaning" and "tidying up."

cleaning products for lazy people
15 Cleaning Products That Were Made for Lazy People

Why not let your speedy baby pitch in around the house?

Our Homes Are Way Dirtier Now Than They Were in the 1950s

The difference between then and now is staggering!

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