We Moved to a Tiny House and Never Worry About Money

Pro: No desk job. Con: Composting toilet.


Kendra and Elijah were full-time college students studying art, daunted by impending graduation, a job search, and the sacrifice of creative freedom for a 9-to-5 job. It's a common post-grad question: Take the job you love, or the job that pays the bills? They chose the jobs they love and threw their money woes out along with most of their belongings. Elijah built the two a tiny house — about 235 square feet with two small lofts. They have a composting toilet (although no bathroom door). They have three outfits each. They don't have Wi-Fi.

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It's a simple life, lived in the middle of a forest, but one that relieves them of all financial stress. Watch the video below to tour Kendra and Elijah's house and life.

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