Here's the Easy Way to Recycle Your Old iPhone — and Make Some Money, Too

A new Apple initiative makes the company more green while also giving you a little green.

Yutaka Tsutano / Flickr

Maybe you had an iPhone 4, then jumped to an iPhone 6. Maybe your husband upgraded to the iPad Pro and left his old tablet in a drawer somewhere. Or maybe you gave it all up and left an iPhone behind to switch to Android. Whatever the reason, you may have an old Apple product sitting around, and if it's in decent shape, Apple may just take it back and give you a little money (or more accurately, Apple Gift Cards) for it.

The Apple Renew program is essentially a recycling program in which Apple will take your devices and scrap them for parts. It's a partnership with Brightstar, and phones in good working shape will catch some decent money. Be warned, though, that if your phone or tablet or computer has anything beyond normal wear and tear, you'll be able to recycle it for free but Apple won't give you any trade-in value. (That leaves me without a dime for the iPhone 5c I dropped on the bathroom floor, shattering the screen.)

Head on over to this site where you can arrange to turn in your phone and see how much you'll get for it. The value ranges from $50 for an iPhone 4 in good shape to $300 for a 6S Plus. Apple will take your old iPads for anywhere from $65 to $225. Renew also will accept some MacBooks and even newer Windows computers. Trade-in values for those can vary wildly.

If your device is broken, never fear. At the very least Apple will recycle it for you in any of their stores, leaving you with an easy way to avoid putting your device in the garbage and letting it become e-waste. There are other sites online where you can get a little cash for them, too, but only a little. So it's up to you whether you want to try to get rid of it by Apple recycling or by an online store. Either way, please don't just throw it away. 

Source: Apple via Lifehacker

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