Hide Your Ugly Wi-Fi Router Flawlessly With This Clever Hack

Router? What router? This easy DIY project will make it blend in with your décor.

book hiding router
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The relentless blink-blink-blinkity-blink of the lights on our Wi-Fi routers can be such a distraction. But now we've got an easy solution that makes router-related design problems disappear — literally.

You know how people cut holes in old books so they could hide love notes and other important things inside? The Spring Collective's blog cleverly used the same method to store a router, and it only takes a few steps to make your own.

The Spring Collective

First, find an old book that matches your décor (a fabulous excuse to hit up some thrift shops and garage sales!), cut the pages out by slicing through the title and back pages, and slip your router between the covers. No one will ever know it's there! (Unless you point it out because you're proud of your work, in which case you'll get compliments on your cleverness. Win-win.)

Disclaimer: We certainly don't advocate the destruction of perfectly good books, so we recommend using an old copy that has been damaged or is otherwise unreadable. 

H/T The Spring Collective

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