This Corgi Café Has DOZENS Of Dogs On-Hand For Snuggling

If heaven were a place on earth...

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If heaven were a place on earth, it would be a corgi café—which, as it turns out, is a real and amazing place that exists. Thailand-based dog oasis, appropriately dubbed Corgi in the Garden, serves up a mean matcha latte and plenty of puppy snuggles. Naturally, I'm trolling Expedia for flights as we speak.

According to the New York Post, the café concept actually began as the result of an oversized litter. "I just wanted to the love and happiness," Tanchanok Kanawaong told the outlet. "Two of my dogs had seven puppies…and the number grew, so we wanted to spread the joy with others."

Now when customers arrive at the Bangkok location, they're greeted by a dozen adorable corgis. "They’re funny dogs, like their appearances, short and stubby. These are their unique appearances which I like," Kanawaong continued. "And I also like their laughable characteristics as well, they're so funny."

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And yep, they've all got names. Though we don't know how Kanawaong keeps them all straight. Customers can pay 11 bucks for a one-hour session and score some major snuggle time with the pups—Porkchop, Blossom, Butter, Barley, Dean, Bluebell, Quinn, and more.

Though the concept isn't exactly common, it also isn't the first of its kind. A Pomeranian pop-up opened in London earlier this year. Hosted by Pug Cafe and Universal Pictures UK, the Pom Cafe kicked off in April as a promotion for The Secret Life of Pets 2. Though the pups weren't provided (it was more of a bring-your-own Pomeranian deal), there were dedicated dog AND human menus with adorable on-theme bites.

Sooooo, when's this trend making it to the U.S.?

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