HGTV's New Show 'Unspouse My House' Will Help People Redecorate After A Breakup

Interior designer Orlando Soria will host.


Getting over an ex after a breakup is hard enough. Trying to do so while living in a place you used to with them is even tougher. HGTV's new series is setting out to make the transition easier.

According to HGTV, Unspouse My House is a new renovation series starring designer and "self-proclaimed breakup artist" Orlando Soria. Orlando will work with newly single clients "to overhaul their homes and heal their lonely hearts with laughter, support and beautiful design." Is anyone else getting Queer Eye vibes from this?! So here for it.

Per an HGTV press release, the network has approved production of six episodes of the show, set to air in late 2019. Loren Ruch, senior vice president of programming, projects, and specials for HGTV, says, "Orlando Soria is an established designer whose online fans love his humorous, lighthearted take on home design."

Unspouse My House certainly sounds like it'll be fun to watch, but if you're newly single in Southern California, you could even be cast on the show. "Are you still living in the home you once d with your ex? Are you ready to get rid of your ex's remaining stuff once and for all?" the casting call reads. "Are you ready for Orlando and his team to help rid you of your past and give you the revenge renovations you deserve?" Revenge renovations...that definitely has a ring to it, no?

The website notes that those chosen to participate on the show will provide the rooms and the budget, and Orlando and his team will provide the design services and "brand-new start!"

If you're reading this with a half-full pint of Ben & Jerry's in your lap and the framed photo of you and your ex face down on the table, perhaps you'll consider emailing [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, location, info, occupation, a recent photo, links to your social media accounts, a short description about your current situation, and your budget for renovation.

A change of pace (and a beautiful space—ha, okay sorry!) may be exactly what your post-breakup heart needs. Leave it to Orlando.

We can't wait for the show to air later this year, but in the meantime, you can check out his Instagram and see for yourself why fans adore him.

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TODAY HAS BEEN THE STUPID AND ANNOYING IF I WERE IN THIS PIC I’D BE THE FROWNY CANDLE OK BYE. Photo by @zekeruelas #victim #drama #chateaulando #😡 #inspo

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Another day, another dollar. JUST KIDDING I’VE MADE LITERALLY ZERO DOLLARS TODAY. But guess what I AM making??? An @hgtv show!!! If you live in the LA area, recently went through a breakup, and are looking to renovate your home and start fresh, APPLY TO BE ON ‘UNSPOUSE MY HOUSE’!!! I’m so excited to get started shooting this show and I know you’re all gonna love it (which is saying a lot because I’m rarely this confident in, like, anything). But I need your help! If you or anyone you know fits the above description, send them my way! They can apply via the link-in-profile or by emailing [email protected] IN OTHER NEWS HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THE ROMANS FROM @theshadestore THAT @ormomdo HELPED PICK OUT FOR HER KITCHEN??? The pretty pattern boggles my mind every time I see it. ANYWAY BE ON MY SHOW BE MY FRIEND OKAY BYE. Photo @zekeruelas #hgtv #unspousemyhouse #showlando #casasoria

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Remember when @jengotch got a glamorous home makeover that changed her life forever? WELL THIS COULD BE YOU! Casting for my @hgtv show “Unspouse My House” is currently underway, and we’re seeking LA area singles who are looking to renovate their homes post-breakup. This is a great opportunity for a fresh start, to create a new space where you can start over. I know from personal experience how therapeutic interior design can be after a breakup. Being on this show is a fun experience you’ll never forget. And, you’ll have the added benefit of me coming into your house yelling things about how the past is stupid but the future is cool! EVERYBODY WINZ! If you or anyone you know fits the above description, head to the link-in-profile for more details and email [email protected] to apply. COME BE ON THE TV WITH MEEEEEEE. OKAY BYE. Photo @carleyscamera for @parachutehome #Showlando #UnspouseMyHouse #Drama

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