This 'Hocus Pocus' Tour Is the Spookiest Way to Celebrate Halloween

It's time to run amok!

Hocus Pocus Movie
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Halloween is coming, which means true fans of spooky season are already preparing for the best holiday of the year. It's officially time to , , and cancelling all weekend plans to . What's the only thing better than watching the greatest Halloween movie of all time? Visiting the creepy spots where it was filmed. And thanks to one creative blogger, now you can do just that.

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After a visit to Salem, Massachussets, Amanda of "" put together a self-guided walking tour to explore all of the major locations where Hocus Pocus was filmed. Anyone can follow her easy trip through the small town and feel major nostalgia as they recall iconic moments from the classic Halloween film.

The first stop on the journey is, of course, Max and Dani's house. "Built in the 1870’s, this house has become a tourist attraction of its own since the release of the film," Amanda .

Next up on the tour is Allison's house, which is actually the historic Ropes Mansion. "Built in the 1720’s, this Georgian Colonial mansion is rumored to be haunted. It’s now owned by the Peabody Essex Museum and open to the public," .

The rest of the walking tour takes visitors to more historic locations throughout Salem that any true Hocus Pocus fan will recognize. There's Old Town Hall, where Max and Dani's parents were put under a spell at the Halloween party. Then, you can visit the fictional John Bailey High School, where Max and Allison first met. Only the brave will want to explore where the daytime cemetery scenes were filmed, at Old Burial Hill—one of the oldest cemeteries in America.

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If you want to really on your tour, may we suggest wearing a Sanderson sisters shirt while you run amok? (Amok! Amok! Amok!)

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