toy storage benches
12 IKEA Hacks That Will Rescue Your Entryway
Don't have an entryway, you say? Consider these projects and look ag…
The 21 Coolest Hacks for IKEA Products
We found the most creative ideas for the retailer's most iconic item…
ikea bed hack
15 Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

You'll rest easy in these clever creations.

ikea hacks
14 IKEA Hacks That Organize Your Entire Kitchen
If you think you don't have space for an island, spice rack, or extr…
Whether you want to hack your Ikea bed, desk, or dresser, we have genius DIY ideas to make the most of your furniture.
23 Genius IKEA Hacks That Solve All of Your Storage Problems

And just like that, your home will feel clean around the clock.

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16 IKEA Hacks That Will Help You Organize Your Entire Life

From your bedroom to your kitchen to your car.

IKEA Bags Won't Look Like This Anymore

At just a dollar, we have about a million of these.

You'll Never Look at This IKEA Item the Same Way Again

The $10 find goes from purely utilitarian to a genius (and stylish) storage solution.

IKEA Is Now Selling a Fool-Proof Indoor Gardening Kit

Don't worry — it's easier than putting together the furniture. 

13 IKEA Planter Hacks for the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Garden

Say hello to your soon-to-be lush, green oasis.

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10 Ways to Make Over Your Favorite IKEA Dresser

These ideas make that ubiquitous $35 storage piece practically unrecognizable.

8 Brilliant New Ways to Use IKEA's ORDNING Utensil Holder

This container is handy for so much more than just spatulas and spoons.

10 IKEA Storage Solutions to Help Wrangle All Your Kid's Stuff

We'll admit it: These ideas are more for you than them, but they're cute!

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You'll Never Guess What These Built-Ins Are Made Of

These genius furniture hacks have us rethinking our living room storage.

8 Companies That Help You Beautifully Hack IKEA Furniture

Change up a basic looks with these clever, ready-to-use embellishments.

10 Creative Ways to Make IKEA Curtains Super Stylish

We basically want to put yellow pom-poms on everything now.

The Secret to Making IKEA Look Expensive

It's all in the little details — and another Swedish company wants to help.

25 Genius Home Hacks to Make Life Easier

We'll never cook, clean, decorate, or organize the same way again.

ikea rug hacks
11 Fabulous Ways to Get Creative With IKEA Rugs

These affordable pieces deserve a spot in your home — but not always on the floor.

12 Times IKEA Picture Ledges Became a Genius Storage Solution

If you think you have no use for super-skinny shelf, think again.

11 Brillant IKEA Hacks for a Super-Organized Bathroom

Squeeze in all the extra storage (and style) your tiny space is missing.

12 IKEA Hacks That Take Cabinets Out of the Kitchen

These projects are super-cool — and much easier to take on than an entire DIY kitchen remodel.

10 IKEA Hacks That Make the BEKVAM Stepstool Unrecognizable

If you only use it to reach the top shelf in your pantry, you're missing out.

Every Kid Will Want This IKEA-Hacked Bed

There's a slide and a secret clubhouse.

10 Ways to Reimagine IKEA's Iconic LACK Side Table

It's only 10 bucks, so you can afford to get creative.

12 Makeovers for the IKEA Dresser Everyone Owns

The best-selling MALM is virtually unrecognizable in these impressive DIY ideas.

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