Halloween Wreaths Are A Thing—And They Can Be Cooler Than You Think

Fact: A dressed-up door is the only way to keep the monsters out.

Courtesy of Caitlin Cawley

Spook trick-or-treaters with a homespun web, a swarm of bats or the Wicked Witch of the West thanks to these door decoration ideas. We've got DIY ideas no matter what your skill level (or how much time you feel like spending on a project), and a few store-bought options, as well. Plus, get more DIY Halloween decorating ideas and elegant fall wreath ideas.

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Courtesy of Caitlin Cawley
Bat Wreath

If you can use a glue gun, you can make this wreath.

Get the tutorial at Caitlin Cawley.

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Courtesy of Lovely Indeed
Colorful Pumpkin Wreath

Who says bright colors end with summer? Paint mini pumpkins your favorite bright colors and use them to make a wreath. As long as there's pumpkins involved, it's still seasonally appropriate.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

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Courtesy of Caitlin Cawley
Pumpkin Patch Wreath

This simple, rustic wreath can work from Halloween right up until Thanksgiving.

Get the tutorial at Caitlin Cawley.

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Courtesy of Lolly Jane
Halloween Mesh Wreath

If you want to keep your decor elegant, this is the wreath for you. It's made out of mesh and ribbons.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane.

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Courtesy of Caitlin Cawley
Spooky Spiders Wreath

We know they're fake, but it's still terrifying.

Get the tutorial at Caitlin Cawley.

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Courtesy of Shaken Together
Black Cat Wreath

On October 31st, it's bad luck not to have a black cat somewhere in your house.

Get the tutorial at Shaken Together.

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Courtesy of Mod Podge Rocks
Cupcake Liner Wreath

Finally—all those unused cupcake liners sitting in your cupboard will come in handy!

Get the tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks.

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black feather wreath
Touch of Nature
Feather Wreath

You really can order this at the last minute and get it in time for your party. It's not witchcraft—it's just Prime shipping.

BUY NOW $19, amazon.com

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mini pumpkin wreath
Mini Pumpkin Wreath

Teeny-tiny pumpkins = all the Halloween cuteness, none of the spook.

BUY NOW $34, wayfair.com

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halloween bat wreath
Shea's Wildflowers
Batty Wreath

There's no such thing as too many bats on Halloween. Hopefully none of them are of the vampire variety.

BUY NOW $17, jet.com

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Michael Partenio
Black Twig Wreath

Up your curb appeal with this ghoulish decoration: Spray-paint a grapevine wreath black. Then glue on a few twigs from the yard, making sure they follow the same direction. Add a mini pumpkin, plastic spiders, or cobwebs as an extra scare tactic.

See more at Good Housekeeping.

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Our Best Bites
Black Tulle Wreath

Start with a tiny wreath form, since the fluffy fabric will fill out fast. This version features ribbon roses, but a giant orange bow would look just as bold.

Get the tutorial at Our Best Bites.

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Kate Mathis
Blackened Roses Wreath

Darken your door with a moldering wreath straight from the crypt. Craft it fast with ebony flowers, a stuffed raven, bone-white branches, and a gnarled grapevine base.

See more at Good Housekeeping.

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Erin Phraner
Spider Wreath

This easy wall hanging only requires a few ingredients—a foam wreath form, black yarn, and decorative spiders and crows.

See more at Good Housekeeping.

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The 36th Avenue
Floral Wreath

Spray-painted flowers a singular white bloom look chic and sinister atop a ribbon-wrapped wreath.

Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue.

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Matthew Benson
Harvest Wreath

Use a square base (or picture frame!) for an angular arrangement of fall foliage. Added bonus: You can leave this festive decoration up through Thanksgiving.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.

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Shelly Hickox
Bird's Nest Wreath

This wicked wall hanging requires only a few ingredients—a grapevine wreath, black spray paint, Spanish moss, and a crow.

Get the tutorial at Bloglovin'.

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Cornucopia Door Decoration

Bring on the decorative gourds! A bunch of mini pumpkins can outshine an average jack o'lantern any day.

See more at Good Housekeeping.

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Antonis Achilleos
Candy Corn Wreath

Speed up this craft's gluing process with some sugary snacking along the way. Just make sure you have enough pieces left to cover the whole ring!

Get the tutorial at Woman's Day.

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Skeleton Wreath

You've got to hand it to this metallic wreath for nailing the creepy vibe.

Get the tutorial at Eighteen25.

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No. 2 Pencil
Eyeball Wreath

You'll need a lot of ping-pong balls, but the scary mass of watching eyes will be so worth it.

Get the tutorial at No. 2 Pencil.

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