Make Your Own Luxurious A-Frame Cabin to Fulfill All of Your Glamping Dreams

It's made from all eco-friendly materials.

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Lushna Glamping
Lushna Glamping
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Lushna Glamping

Sleeping outdoors might not seem like the most glamorous pastime, but this cozy cabin might just change your mind. Thanks to company Lushna Glamping, you can DIY your own wooden A-frame abode, and it's the perfect weekend project for those looking to get in touch with nature—even if it's just in your own backyard.

The cabins are made with natural and ecological materials like larch and pine wood, and have a full panoramic glass wall so you can take in all of the beautiful sights nature has to offer without actually being immersed in it. You'll be able to sleep comfortably under the stars without having to worry about things like bugs or heating—it's a win-win situation.

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Lushna Massive's and Rainroom's sprouting along the Catskills of New York at Eastwind Hotel & Bar on Windham Mountain, New York. We are excited about the imminent opening of our 2nd site in the United States and the "Scandinavian Notion of Camping" that @eastwindny has brought to life. #Lushna #Eastwind #Windham #Catskills #NewYork #Glamping #EcoRetreat #Wellness #cabinporn #BacktoyourRoots #Explore #Immerse #Cabin #architecture #woodwork Photo Credit: @jordanlayton

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The basic price of the cabin includes the structure (13.12/12.46/11.15 ft.), the roof, facades, electricity, and lighting. You can do with the interior what you wish, but a king size bed can fit comfortably in the A-frame for a cozy bedroom vibe.

Lushna Glamping emphasizes that this cabin can be used in all four seasons, not just the warmer months. The cabins can even be installed with heating and insulation, making it the perfect spot for a hot summer's night or a cold winter's morning.

The company also sells A-frame cabin plans for saunas, pop-up tents, and even an more eco-friendly version that allows greenery to grow on the outside walls.

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