The Clever Trick That Will Save Your Floors From Salt This Winter

No more annoying white stains.

Spreading Salt on a Icy Winter Driveway
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Winter weather is pretty and fun until 1.) white snow becomes brown slush and 2.) your wood floors are covered in salt dust. Salt dust is what I call the white stains your shoes leave after walking through a driveway or sidewalk which has salt on it to prevent ice from forming. The salt is great, the salt dust is not. And, if you don't clean the stains quickly enough, they could permanently damage wood floors.

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There are store bought solutions for this—things like or —but you can also safely remove the stains by mixing vinegar in a gallon of warm water.

First, you want to vacuum up the area. After that, mix the solution and put it in a spray bottle, spraying the floor and letting it sit for a few minutes. You don't want to soak the area, but it should be damp enough to let the salt dissolve. After that, mop the floor with a dry towel before wiping it down again with a damp rag. Then end this madness by doing a final wipe-down with a dry towel. Prepare yourself—your floor will be nearly perfect. Salt dust does not stand a chance against this.

So go, be free and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year sans salt dust.

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