20 Beautiful Bouquets That Are NOT Made of Flowers

Of course, we love fresh blooms. But we also love a clever twist on a theme.


While there's no denying the beauty of fresh-cut flowers, if you want to your floral arrangement to last longer than a week — even a lifetime — you have to get a little more creative. Whether you're about to walk down the aisle, or just crave a pretty bouquet on your office desk, draw some inspiration from these floral alternatives.

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Luxe Legos

Who knew that the contents of your kids' toy box could look so chic? Just make sure you don't step on this one.

$210, etsy.com

Brooch Bling

Celebrating three years of marriage today! This is my brooch bouquet, which I had made from vintage brooches. The 1930s Bakelite brooch featuring both of our initials was a serendipitous find. #anniversary #vintage #Bakelite #brooch #broochbouquet

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For the sparkle-obsessed, go for the glam-meets-vintage vibe of a brooch bouquet.

Crepe Paper

Paper flower artist Livia Cetti has made impressively realistic arrangements for Anthropologie, Kate Spade, Bergdorf Goodman, and even the White House. Take cues from her book to make similar creations of your own.

Fluffy Feathers

Keep things light with a featherweight arrangement featuring all-white plumes.

$70, etsy.com

Mismatched Buttons

A button bouquet proves whimsy can come straight from a sewing kit.

$72, etsy.com

Forest Finds
Torryne Choate

Floral designer Torryne Choate used pheasant feathers, tigerwood twigs, and an antler for a display that will last all winter long.

Gathered Pinecones
On Sutton Place

These aren't your grandmother's scented pinecones. Fresh sprigs of boxwood keep the craft-store staple from feeling stale.

See more at On Sutton Place »

Blossoming Butterflies

Unusual bouquets are very now! This butterfly hand adorner centres the eye of the guests firmly front and centre! Possibly wouldn't want to throw this bouquet, but equally it wouldn't require watering and would be a fab keepsake from the day. Wonderful colours #lovebridallondon

A post d by Love Bridal (@lovebridallondon) on

Butterflies get the grownup treatment in a sophisticated nosegay that's sure to make your heart flutter.

Faux Cotton
eHow/Lucy Akins

Fake the real thing with egg cartons and cotton balls. Arrange branches alone or mix them with wildflowers or wheat for a seasonal display.

See more on eHow »

Painted Rocks
Like The Cheese

Now this is a cactus no one can kill: A set of stones with a coat of vibrant green paint.

See more on Like The Cheese »

Sculpted Newsprint

Recycle old newspapers or damaged books by preserving the pages as petals.

$24, etsy.com

Fruits and Veggies

It's the perfect excuse to play with your food. Colorful produce like peppers, lemons, or clementines are a cheery display in your kitchen.

Seaside Finds

Beachy brides and ocean lovers will agree that seashells can be just as beautiful as traditional blooms.

$64, etsy.com

Pussy Willows

For a bouquet that's just as pleasant to touch as it is to look at, gather some willow branches.

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A Baker's Dozen

OK, so you probably shouldn't carry this one anywhere, much less down the aisle. Piped petals look like peonies, roses, and hydrangeas, but these cupcakes taste much, much better than their floral counterparts.

Paper Pinwheels

It doesn't have to be a windy day to enjoy this playful arrangement. Dozens of pinwheels look cheerful indoors or out.

$60, etsy.com

Golden Grains

A bundle of wheat can look unexpectedly elegant when dolled up with a satin ribbon.

$11, etsy.com

Kale Cuttings

Winter vegetable boquet from the garden, the best bouquet is an edible one. We went out to check on the romanesco cauliflowers and couldn't help but pick them. Other than them there are 3 flowering kales here, some italian nero, and some regular green curly kale. It's all going to go into salad and stir fries. #organic #gardening #urbangardening #wintergarden #growyourown #eatyourgreens #eattherainbow #kale #dinokale #romanesco #floweringkale #curlykale #whatveganseat #vegansofig #ediblebouquet

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Yes, it's a type of trendy salad. But different varieties of kale also make for quite the surprisingly fresh arrangement.

Fuzzy Felt Balls

There's no thorns on these blooms – perfect for an adorable flower girl.

$46, etsy.com

Comic Book Characters

Superhero lovers, rejoice! The exploits of your favorite comic book heroes can be put on display in this clever craft.

$130, etsy.com

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