Sofia Vergara's Lemon-Themed Birthday Party Was Absolutely Flawless

Her 44th birthday bash will give you some serious summer party inspiration.

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On July 10, Sofia Vergara celebrated her 44th birthday with a party in Los Angeles — and of course, it was over-the-top and absolutely fabulous.

The Italian lemon-themed birthday party featured citrusy decor, a limoncello bar and personalized beer labels, all of which seemed to come straight from the party-planning boards of our dreams. Take a look at the photos from Vergara's birthday bash below, and be sure to take notes — you're definitely going to want to throw a citrusy summer party after this.

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The Pre-Party Tease

Long before the party even started, Vergara gave us a sneak peek of the theme — and this delicious-looking dessert.

The Event Setup

Brazilian event planner and floral artist Monica Rezende, who helped put together Vergara's -ready party, posted a behind-the-scenes look at the pre-party process. Naturally, they're setting up potted lemon trees in the yard. What lemon-themed party would be complete without them?

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An Outdoor Tablescape

Here's a look at one of the outdoor tablescapes, complete with yellow flower arrangements, mismatched golden-hued goblets and a lemon-printed tablecloth. You can even catch a glimpse of what appears to be a buffet setup off to the left.

The Table Settings

A closer look at an individual place setting reveals mini lemon Pellegrino bottles and monogrammed lemon napkins.

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An Indoor Tablescape

The indoor dessert table also had an elaborate tablescape, with candles, flower arrangements and a number of what appear to be lemon-themed desserts.

The Outdoor Bar

In one of his pre-party posts, Vergara's son, Manolo, gave us a close-up of the outdoor bar (and his silly lemon costume). The limoncello cart, complete with baskets and bowls full of lemons, is absolutely adorable.

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The Personalized Beverages

The customized bottles of Colombian Aguila beer added a personal touch.

The Party Outfits

Vergara and her niece, Claudia, incorporated the party's theme into their outfits with bold, bright-yellow accessories.

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The Lemon Costume

And of course, Vergara had to try on the lemon costume later in the night.

The Happy Couple

After all was said and done, Vergara posted this lovely photo with her husband, Joe Manganiello.

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