Take a Nap Under Your Desk With This Delightful Hammock

Late nights at the office just got so much better.


If you've ever found yourself at the office late at night in need a power nap to help you push through the remainder of your work, pay attention: This desk hammock is your cozy solution. It was designed by Ontario College of Art and Design University student Aqil Raharjo and is called the Schnap — aka a nap in a snap.

Aqil told Mashable the inspiration was born out of his own studying habits: "To some extent, I could say that I'm an ambitious person and I need full concentration and focus to work on my projects. One of the ways to focus and not procrastinate is to work at school. My university is open for 24 hours in the winter semester, and I met a lot of friends that stayed overnight to work on their projects." If only George Constanza had thought of it.

And while this isn't the first nap desk we've seen, what makes it stand out is that it's portable and can attach to just about any desk that's long enough for you to stretch out under. Even though this sleeping solution isn't available for purchase yet, Aqil is currently seeking investors so he can sell the bundle below to workaholics everywhere.

Take a look: 

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These are the branding I've made for the entire product. It is neatly crafted, packed, sewn and carved to give a better unboxing experience. As a design student, I've noticed a lot of my friends often stay overnight at school to finish the stuffs they've been working on, however they couldn't get to sleep properly because there's no comfortable medium to sleep on. Instead, they are most likely sleep while sitting, and this is not good for the muscles & their own health. So, I came up with.... Schnap! The brand itself is actually a short madeup word from school-nap. Get it?! It's a hammock that can easily be installed under your table. 😁 #branding

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