Toronto's Skinniest Home Comes With a Surprising Luxury

And you might want it after trekking all those stairs.

Toronto's skinniest home

There are pros and cons to living in the most narrow detached home in Toronto. For starters, this eight-foot-wide dwelling doesn't come with any parking spots since you'd probably only be able to pull your Smart Car in there and squeeze out the driver's side, but who needs a car when you're within walking distance of your favorite restaurants anyway? 

Plus, what this house lacks in width, it makes up for in height: The estimated 1,000-square-foot space, which is on the market for $750,000, is three stories high and also has a finished basement. (With all those stairs, you definitely won't have to join a gym.) Cathedral ceilings make the home feel bigger than it is and relator Frank Leo told CBC News that vertically endowed people don't have to worry about feeling cramped: "I've had people as tall as 6'4" walk into the property and be surprised by how spacious it is." 

The current homeowners made the two-bedroom, three-bathroom home bright white and simple, which helps enhance the natural light that spills in thanks to large windows and balconies that face both north and south of the home. Other amenities include a backyard garden and patio area that's perfect for dining al fresco on a warm day and last, but certainly not least, a lovely sauna for one.

Take a tour of the home to get a better look at the unusually narrow quarters:

So you've got the stairs when you're in need of a workout and the sauna to relax in after your sweat session. It's official: These homeowners thought of everything.

[via Toronto Sun

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