House Tours

Tour a Pink-and-Green Palm Beach Oasis

See how a local designer makes tropical feel fresh, not kitschy.

Brad Krefman's Aspen House
This Home Was Designed Around Its Killer Views

Imagine watching GoT in that great room.

Lori Paranjape
Mountain Homes CAN Be Modern, and Here's Proof

Would they Airbnb it out? Asking for a friend...

This House Feels Like Spring All Year Long

Here's proof that pastels aren't just for kids' rooms.

Peek inside pin-worthy homes, estates, and cottages across the country and fall in love with your perfect dream home.
This Happy, Colorful House Started with a Single Rug

A redesign turned the dark interiors into bright, welcoming spaces.

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Every Inch of This House Is Designed to Inspire You

This place is cooler than any museum you'll visit.

This Gorgeous Bay Area Home Proves Blue Is a Neutral

The perfect palette for a waterfront home.

This DC Home's Bold Colors Are Energizing—And Oddly Soothing

Wait until you see the bathroom.

This Colorful California Home Will Make You Want a Neon Coffee Table

Who says neon lucite and classic prints can't coexist?

Hallie Henley Sims House
The Paint Trick That Instantly Makes Your Home Look Polished

Designer Hallie Henley Sims s her brilliant technique.

This Four-Story Brooklyn Brownstone Is Traditional—With a Twist

Wait... there's a meditation room?!

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Jessica Nickerson's House
I Used Marketplace to Redecorate My Living Room for Free

Jessica Nickerson's got a knack for finding the best deals online.

11 Truly Surprising Ways to Use Color

Kate Reid lets us in on her most prismatic tricks.

This Chic House Is Designed to Be a Playground—For Kids of All Ages

“I like wild. To create one’s own world takes courage.”

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Pink and green bedroom with cane detailing on ceiling
Every Wall in This Palm Beach Apartment Was Handpainted

Nothing is what it seems in this muraled wonderland.

How Celeb-Favorite Designer Jeff Andrews Created His Own L.A. Haven

The 1934 house mixes glamour with West Coast ease.

How Matthew Bees Made All Colors Play Perfectly Together

The palette of this 165-year-old Charleston, South Carolina, home is a study in extremes.


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