10 New Ways to Show Off a Treasured Collection

They deserve more than a shelf.

They deserve more than a shelf.
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Frame It
Showcase a small collection of equally tiny items in a compact space, like this frame filled with brooches, from blogger .
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Histórias de Casa
Add All Your Collections
This home featured on (in Spanish) stars a living room that's chock-full of treasures — but that doesn't look at all crowded.
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Jennifer Young
Use Vertical Space
Take advantage of the tops of bookshelves for larger favorites and use high-up shelves to show them off. This bookshelf from houses several globes without taking up too much real estate.
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Label It
While labels may not work for every tidbit, they give this dart display, featured on , a hip, anthropological (heh) feel — and add a quirky element to a difficult-to-display collection.
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Go Outside
Amass a stellar marble collection over the years? Take them out back. Blogger Jamie from created this light-studded wooden fence with only marbles, a rubber mallet, and a drill.
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Dans le Lakehouse
Use a Shadow Box
A shadow box is a step up from the traditional frame. For her skeleton key collection, tied iridescent silk ribbon to the tops of each, and let them dangle.
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Look Up
Who couldn't love this quirky ceiling, as seen on ? The whole house is full of neat details, but this room-sized collection of hanging globes definitely takes the cake.
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Heidi Geldhauser
Make Art
Rachel from didn't just frame her rock collection — she made it into a beautiful piece of wall art. Using a white mat and a label maker, she created a pretty display that feels like a fun science fair project.
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Céline Alata
Make a Chandelier
The French love their collections: Here's another Parisian home (as seen on ), this time with a hanging chandelier made from collected postcards.
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Janae Hardy
Paper Your Walls
For any kind of paper-based collection — like these maps, as seen in — one out-of-the-box idea is to literally take them out of the box and put them on your wall.
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