Devin Alessio

Devin Alessio

16 Over-the-Top Celebrity Airbnbs We're Lusting Over

Gwyneth Paltrow's impeccable taste definitely extends to real estate.

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Donald Trump's Childhood Home Just Sold for Millions

We assume the seller was well versed in the "Art of the Deal."

ugliest buildings
These Are the Ugliest Buildings in the World

Sometimes design goes horribly wrong.

how to decorate with velvet
10 Ways to Decorate With Velvet — Without Going Overboard

To be honest, it just might be the king of fabrics.

kate spade new york apartment
Take an Inside Look at Designer Kate Spade's Artsy New York Apartment

Of course there's an amazing sketch of Jackie Kennedy and JFK Jr.

new york public library rose reading room
New York Public Library Will Reopen Gorgeous Rose Reading Room

The iconic space underwent a two-year $12 million renovation.

Brigitte Bardot's Vacation Home Is the Definition of Gorgeous

Boasting two infinity pools and a vineyard, this place is nothing short of luxurious.

how to decorate with kilim print
10 Chic Ways to Decorate With Kilim Print

The boho-chic print is really making the rounds on .

abandoned mansions in europe
12 Photos of Abandoned Palaces That Will Chill You to the Core

Europe's most distinguished families once called these manses home.

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Which Pantone Color Is Donald Trump?

An important investigation.

Step Inside a '70s Time Capsule in Massachusetts

This place hasn't been redecorated since Jimmy Carter was president.

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5 Steps to a Gorgeous Floral Arrangement

"Oh, this? It's just something quick I threw together."

10 Things You Never Knew About America's Most Famous Home

The White House is filled with the Secret Service, but who knew it also had a secret pool?

cliffside houses
10 Cliffside Homes Made for Living Life on the Edge

If you're afraid of heights, you might want to look away.

Your Beanie Baby Obsession Was Used to Build This Gorgeous Hotel

All of that Princess Diana Beanie Baby money had to go somewhere.

Trump vs. Clinton: Who Would Decorate the White House Better?

A White House interior designer creates a presidential style for each candidate.

This Artist Did Not Hold Back on Decorating Her Studio

Blake Lively's favorite artist, Ashley Longshore, is not one for subtlety.