Hillary Brown

Jared Hughes Dreams (and Designs) in Color

The Atlanta-based interior designer goes bold any chance he gets.

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Chauncey Boothby Is the Mary Poppins of the Design World

How the Rowayton, Connecticut, interiors guru works design magic.

William Cullum Designs Modern Homes with a Reverence for the Past

The Columbia, South Carolina, native blends Victorian propriety with all things modern.

Everything You Need To Know About Mid-Century Modern Design

It's so much more than "that furniture from Mad Men."

You Won't Believe How Many Rooms Are In This Tiny House

There are so many smart takeaways to steal here.

Alexander Reid Is the Ultimate Vintage Mix Master

The Manhattan-by-way-of-St.-Louis designer has a curator's eye and a knack for celebrity stylings.

Designer Katie Martinez Gives California Style a Dose of East-Coast Chic

“I love using black—it makes every space feel infinitely cooler.”

How Amanda Darnell Finds Solutions for Any Design Problem

The California-born designer has a reputation for pushing the limits—in the best way possible.

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Douglas Clark Makes Being a Plant Nerd Look Good

"I spent my boyhood running wild in the woods behind our house."

How Jean Liu Plays the Rebel While Adhering to Tradition

The Dallas designer can't resist shaking things up.

jean liu living room design
This Designer's Passion for Old and New Inspires Her One-of-a-Kind Projects

Jean Liu's rebellious upbringing led her on an unconventional path to interiors.

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Lynde Easterlin Blends Southern Tradition and City Chic

The Connecticut designer's passion for interiors started in her neighbor's antiques-filled home.

lynde easterlin manhattan study
Ashley Whittaker Breakfast Room
In This Connecticut Hideaway It Feels Like Spring Year-Round

Botanical wallpaper served as the blueprint for this bright and sunny home designed by AshleyWhittaker.

Ashley Whittaker living room
This Charming Weekend Escape Turns Floral Print into a Contemporary Accent

Contrast and continuity are vital to this home's harmony.

Tina Ramchandani's Artful Take On Minimalism

Balancing a pared-down aesthetic with unexpected warmth, her soulful rooms show that minimalism can be more than the sum of its parts.

This Manhattan Designer Takes the "Less Is More" Approach

Tina Ramchandani believes minimalistic design is here to stay.

Jennifer Glickman Boston Living Room
This Fashionista Says Your Home Should Be an Extension of Your Wardrobe

Jennifer Glickman personally favors Balenciaga and Balmain — can't argue with that.

Holiday Dining at This New York Apartment Is All About Puttin' on the Ritz

Opulent colors — and a little disco music — bring elegance to this entertaining hotspot.



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