Maggie Burch

Contributing Writer

Maggie writes about interiors, real estate, and architecture for House Beautiful. She's always had a thing for old houses, and shares her latest crushes @HouseLusting

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What Is Spanish Colonial Design? Everything To Know About California's Popular Style

White stucco walls and red tile roofs have been a winning combination for 400 years.

Colorful Autumn leaves
People Are Turning Fallen Leaves Into Works Of Art

To think, we thought they were only good for jumping in.

One Of Our Fave Bloggers Launched A Wayfair Furniture Line

*Adds entire collection to Christmas list.*

New England House
Everything You Need To Know About Cape Cod-Style Houses

This style has become a quintessential American home whose practicality is outweighed only by its charm.

This Is What Makes The Eames Lounge Chair So Special

The leather and wood design is considered an icon of the 20th century.

Painted Ladies at Alamo Square, San Francisco
Victorian Homes Are Over-The-Top In The Best Way

It’s form over function when it comes to these ornately decorated homes.

tudor house
There's A Reason You Don't See Many Tudor-Style Homes These Days

These intricate, stone-heavy homes saw a surge in popularity in the early 20th century.

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What Exactly Is a Tulip Table?

Here's how one of the 20th century's most famous designs came to be.

New Kids On The Block's Jonathan Knight Is Getting An HGTV Show

The New Kid on HGTV’s lineup is already a familiar face.

Target Stocks Jump After Retailer Beats Third Quarter Expectations
Your Local Target Could Be One Of The Locations Closing By February 2019

The retailer announced its plans this week to close several underperforming locations in the new year.

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American Suburban Houses
So What Is Dutch Colonial Style, Anyway?

There's a funny story under that distinctive roof.

5 Things You Should Have In Your House By The Time You're 35

Now that you’ve figured out how to adult, your home really should too.

Emily Henderson's Portland House Reveal
Everything You Need To Know Before Painting Your Cabinets

Say goodbye to your dated kitchen once and for all.

House exterior, swimming pool
The 3 Worst Home-Improvement Decisions You Can Make

If you’re trying to increase your home's value, here’s what not to do.

Tiffany Brooks Goodwill Finds
8 Things You Should Never Pass Up At Goodwill

No wonder why Macklemore was so big on thrift shops.