30 Breakfast Nooks That Are Easy Like Sunday Morning

All you need is a fresh pot of coffee to go with it.

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Amazon's New Home Line Is Having A Huge Prime Day Sale

Save big on furniture and decor from Rivet and Stone & Beam.

Online Retailer Amazon Launches In Australia Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Prime Day

Including the 1 million deals being offered.

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12 Totally Adorable (And Actually Chic) Ways To Decorate Your Baby's Nursery

You're going to have many late nights in this room, so it needs to look cute.

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white ikea bed 14 Calming Paint Colors To Help You Chill The Eff Out

Anxiety level = 100%, but dropping rapidly.

This Shower Locker Will Save Us All From Bad Roommates

The war is over. The battle is won.

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You Have To See Joanna Gaines's Garden At Night​

Here's how to get that enchanting vibe in your own backyard.

21 Cool Kids' Rooms You'll Wish Were Yours

How old is too old for a chalkboard wall? Asking for a friend.

Poll: Is Your Organization Style Normal?

Fingers crossed that I'm not the only one who waits to do laundry until their basket is overflowing.

Emily Henderson It's Always Happy Hour At Emily Henderson's

Better yet: Everyone's invited.

22 Decorating Secrets Only The Pros Know — Until Now

Throw everything you thought you knew out the window.

26 Blue Rooms That Prove The Color Is Anything But Basic

It's time to look at things in a new hue.

The Dreamery by Casper You Can Now Buy A Nap At Casper's Magical Sleep Oasis in NYC

This is what dreams are made of... ♫

The 20 Best Places To Go Glamping In The U.S.

Camping doesn't have to be so ... in tents.

phillip jeffries juicy jute 10 Purple Rooms To Inspire You To Decorate Without Giving A F*ck

Finally, a color palette that's as bold as you are.

The Absolute Coolest Flea Market In Your State

They're SO worth the road trip.

About Hydrangeas 13 Things You Should Know Before Planting Hydrangeas

Prepare to water them ALL THE TIME.

Zodiac Pillows These Zodiac Pillows Will Get You Through Mars Retrograde

Found: The perfect pillow to scream into during those "FML" moments.

Worst Roommates The 10 Worst Roommates Everyone Lives With At Some Point

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

Blake Lively Here's Where To Buy The Sofa Blake Lively Loves More Than Her Family

Sorry, Ryan Reynolds — have you seen this thing?!

Damask Print 8 Signs Your Home Is Stuck In The '90s

And how to update it for 2018.

This $8 Amazon Find Will Keep You From Killing Your Plants

For all you aspiring green thumbs out there.

11 Amazing Bird Feeders That'll Make You Snow F*cking White

These go great with a smile and a song....

Wine + Chore Pairings The Right Wine To Pair With Your Most Dreaded Summer Chores

Stifle your gripes with (fermented) grapes.

12 Sites That'll Let You Score Amazing Home Decor On The Cheap

These deserve a permanent spot in your bookmarks bar.

These Dryer Balls Are Laundry Day Gamechangers

Say hello to your new little laundry BFFs.

10 Romantic Weekend Getaways You Need To Know About

Is it hot in here, or am I just in FL?

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